I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0408    on  9.5.1938

Activity of the friend

Effect on souls in the beyond

Eager listener ....

Blessed activity is completely united with our will, and we are always waiting for the hour that will allow us to connect with you.  It would be so easy to convey to the spirit what our task is, but your body-shell is still a strong obstacle, and it is only your constant striving that makes it easier for us to communicate with you, because where the will is strong, our power is also strengthened .... But the pure words of God can only be communicated to you through a Divine Spirit ....

We are present at every recording and take part in all teachings, but it would be impossible for us to announce ourselves to you, since this your connection with the hereafter is a serious teaching activity and we are not allowed to claim your strength and time for ourselves.  But we remain constantly connected to you .... we bring you all compassion and only faithfully keep everything far away from you, which could be hindering you and your striving.  Well, countless figures from other regions are moving around you and are trying to make you turn away from your task .... But the protective wall around you is so strong that you need fear nothing.

But it is now a rare privilege for us that we may communicate with you.  Your friend urges you not to let yourself be distracted from this extremely blessed activity under any circumstances .... she wants to devote herself, like you, to the work in the hereafter with a zeal that she may one day receive you in the same condition .... Thus it has become her task to contribute to the ennoblement of the beings by pointing to this your activity.  Countless beings already place their salvation on your heart, they unite around you daily and hourly and are happy to be allowed to stay in this sphere and to receive admonitions and teachings without interruption, partly through your spiritual striving .... but also through the activity that made it much easier for them to find knowledge ....

Some still err ignorantly in your proximity, and these especially are in the caring love of your girlfriend.  It is infinitely delightful for the ignorant to point out to such helping souls can also be appointed to them, if they do not reject this help, .... What was missed on earth in the effort of love, is gladly and joyfully carried out there, and this effort is often not so easy .... because there are - just as on earth - very many stubborn and obstinate souls in the universe, who are averse to any instruction and ungraciously reject it.  There also many a knowing soul must exercise itself in patience and again and again try to influence such erring ones with love.

There is an extremely faithful listener in your circle .... all your writings are accessible to him, and he already has the knowledge that he feels happy to have been so blessed.  It is the Lord's will that all those who are yours and all who are near you may participate in the teachings that are given to you.  For such is commanded by the Lord that everyone should be granted what he desires .... And whoever feels drawn into this circle, he will certainly not go away empty-handed and they will be commanded so much spiritual food and drink that they can strengthen and mature with it.

Through your work they have been offered such an active spiritual activity that they thank you eternally .... because your will to reach God also shows the right way to so endlessly many.  In this hour we all experience the grace of the Lord on us and thus follow your work with true joy .... The Lord's goodness lasts forever, and His love is boundless .... He considers all His children and seeks to win also those who still reject Him.  Thanks to Him until all eternity.


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