I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0416    on  14.5.1938

State of readiness

Submission of will ....

He who rules everything in the universe will know how to control even the smallest creatures.  But He leads, as it were, at His hand the children of God who completely surrender themselves to His will .... One's own wrongdoing is then never to be feared because the power of the heavenly Father is stronger than the weak will of the child, and, inspired by this power, the child also willingly lets himself be led and thus always comes closer to the goal.  As soon as faith weakens the danger to stray is greater, but where subordination to God's will has occurred, there is also the basis for a firm faith, and only a complete separation out of free will would result in a reduction of the strength of faith.

This would only be possible, however, if we consciously work against God's commandments .... And such is an extremely rare case, so once an earthly child in possession of Divine grace is also permeated by the love for God .... That is why you, My child, need have no worries; the Lord protects you and always gives you warnings and also proofs of His Fatherly grace, which is to draw you constantly higher.  In view of the willingness with which you always fulfil your spiritual task, the Lord particularly urges you to put yourself in a state that puts an end to your fears and doubts .... in a state of complete readiness to receive everything that is intended for you ....

You must always think that the Lord has taken you into His loving care and now you can do nothing else but to do His will .... But you must also always accept every phenomenon in life, every suffering and discomfort, all joy, all happiness, also as a gift of the Saviour, who thereby only constantly shapes you, in order to transform you into that which makes you worthy of His love .... which in you should still eliminate everything that connects you with the earth, in order to transform you only into a child of heaven .... If you can reach that state, then soon all suffering will no longer be palpable to you .... You are then connected in love with your Creator and no longer feel the pressure and heaviness of the earth.

This complete leaning on the Divine will then also completely excludes a falling away because the will to reach the Father will always be a protective wall against possible temptations that penetrate from outside.  your serious efforts must be directed to .... making yourself completely free of fear .... thus to overcome the lack of trust in God to the highest degree .... This will make your life path extraordinarily easier and make you more and more capable for this task on earth.  For God's blessing is upon you all the time.


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