I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0424    on  18.5.1938

Father words



Participation of those in the hereafter ....

Behold My child, in a short time you will see Me in the light .... you will be blinded by the light and your eyesight will be taken away for a few moments, but in your heart a flame will ignite that will never be extinguished.  Thus I will draw near to My children whose hearts desire Me.  See, it is so difficult for you to recognize only because all your longing cannot yet be found in the image of your Savior .... For the time of your earthly existence you are still held captive by an indefined trembling.  You cannot yet comprehend the actual essence of love .... everything is still undissolved in you, and when love is not yet recognized for what it actually is, also the heart will not be able to free itself from the heaviness of the earth.

My will never allows a violent ignition of love .... it must be quietly drawn into the heart and yet anchor itself so firmly in it .... It has an oversized power, which it draws from the Divine Love .... Desire and fulfillment are one, because God gives unceasingly where His nearness is longed for.  My child, let your eyes see what will make you happy forever .... Let your truth-hungry heart refresh itself with spiritual light .... The food shall be offered to it fully, and body and soul shall be refreshed ....

What shall man still desire, if he once enjoyed the favor of the Savior? .... What you then feel in the heart, will lift you above all earthly things .... And this moment will let you recognize the oversized love of the Father for His children .... and if this has become understandable to you, then there is no more fear .... neither about faith nor about love .... Then everything, everything will be only a proof of eternal grace ....

All those who are well-disposed towards you in the hereafter look forward to this act of grace with joy, they know that you have been accepted into the chosen circle of those who serve God on earth .... they desire to care for you constantly, and for their work they hope for a supporting power in you, if you, blessed by the love of the Lord, surrender to your office .... They all want to take care that your spiritual work progresses and has a successful effect on all who hear you.  To possess the heart of the Savior .... To be made happy by His love is the most precious gift that the Father can give to His children, because in possession of this love, all life in this earthly valley will appear miraculously lovely to them.  Their own spirit will unfold and only always strive for union with the Father-Spirit, because everything unites in Divine love.

The farther work will become easy for you, if only love dwells in your heart.  So prepare this your heart that it may receive Him who will offer you an unspeakable happiness and receive you to Himself .... Who wants to take you into His Divine heart and teach you love .... The eternal sun will then rise in you and fill you completely with it's mild light, it's warmth and bright shine and only then will you realize that the greatest wonder is love .... Therefore, My child, take not of when the Divine Being approaches you and receive Him deeply, humbly and in holy faith, and offer Him your heart willingly and without restraint, then you will be filled with fervent love-power and your faith will strengthen ....


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