I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0434    on  26.5.1938

Will - Faith - Knowledge ....

Only the most perfect being of light will be able to penetrate into the deepest depth of Divine wisdom, but mankind will be granted an extraordinary favour when it is given knowledge of things, which otherwise remain hidden from the world, and this is allowed for the purpose that all those human children to whom the wisdom of God grants a view into infinity, are to find themselves into ever deepening faith.  Faith in it's strength can do everything .... Those who are willing to believe will be helped so that their weak faith will reach the strength of a wall, and only the unbelieving mind will refuse to accept everything that the Lord God dearly offers to His own.

Look at nature, how everything is formed in a regular course according to the will of the Creator and passes away again .... and how many people pass by it carelessly .... All these miracles give them not even an indication of the Divine work.  To these, signs of even much greater kind could be given, they would also experience all wonderful things without any impairment of faith as long as there wants to be any human - i.e. earthly - explanation for it.  Because what then would force their faith, would be useless for their spiritual progress.

That is why the Lord always chooses the earthly children for His revelations, who are willing to accept .... who want to believe and so the precondition is given for researching in the wisdom of God.  These also have to master the doubts wanting to shake the faith again and again as the strongest enemy .... but the will to have faith is stronger, then it will also soon overcome all counter-currents .... and then there will be no borders to investigate the depths of Divine wisdom.

Very few are able to realize to what extent a strong faith helps them to acquire undreamt-of knowledge about things that are hidden from the earthly man who lives without faith .... And that is why the number of those who live in ignorance will always be far greater, because only a small part of mankind is able to penetrate to deep faith.  But you have this in your own hands .... it is always prayer that takes you up step by step .... and where you cannot believe deeply and yet are of good will, there pray out of a sincere heart.  If you still have faith in the power of prayer, you will be helped .... The help of the Lord and your own will go hand in hand .... And you must achieve what you ask for.

The love of the Lord is so great that it very eagerly fulfills the wishes of the earthly children on earth, when the driving force for these wishes is the will to reach the Lord.  And what knowledge is imparted to you, has to form your faith deeper and deeper, and so you reach through the grace of the Lord, knowledge about things which otherwise remained hidden to you, but are imparted through deep faith to everyone who wants to extend his knowledge through Divine wisdom.  And what is offered to you is always only an outpouring of Divine grace to make the path of life easier for you who believe - and to make you into beings of light in all reverence and love for the Lord ....


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