I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0466    on  14.6.1938

Work of Redemption

Faith in it is necessary ....

What is offered to you is the will of the Lord, and so today you receive an announcement that touches in a tangible way the great problem that is so difficult for you people to understand .... The greatest part of mankind is in a considerable error when it believes that it can gain merits in the hereafter, and yet has not done it's part on earth to preserve the faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God.

Man may well be legal, he may have always faithfully fulfilled his duties on earth .... he may also have acted as a brother towards his neighbor .... but he denied Jesus Christ .... then his reward will truly be a very small one, because since he does not want to acknowledge the Divine Redeemer, he will also never ever be redeemed from his guilt, because only faith is able to set him free, and in Christ all threads of life will always and eternally come together .... And where this faith turns away from the idea of redemption .... where the Divinity of the Saviour is doubted and denied, there also the Deity Itself turns away ....

The legal thinking of a person will undoubtedly be recognized, but before the heart of such a person confesses to Christ, the rebirth of the spirit will not be able to take place and without this the way to eternal bliss will never be paved.  Whoever has been brought up in faith in Christ, but does not want to and cannot profess it, will have to walk a long way in the hereafter .... And his search for the truth will be laborious and very lengthy.

No matter how strict the observance of God's commandments is, it will not bring about what the clear knowledge of the Divinity of Jesus can bring about in a short time.  If one only wanted to keep one thing in mind, that the Lord walked on earth because of the sin-guilt of mankind .... how clear it is then that this sin-guilt of man cannot be redeemed as long as he does not want to recognize such a work of redemption, but rather regards it as a human self-sacrificing act, which, however, lacks any Divinity.

In this way such a person will never again be able to feel the graces and blessings of the work of redemption on himself .... He will only then recognize the signs of Divinity when, in case of doubt, he implores the heavenly Father for enlightenment, which is granted to him gladly and willingly, and he is now so evidently made aware of the true work of the Son of God on earth.  In His indescribable goodness, the Lord seeks to come close to everyone .... He wants to give full understanding to everyone and will also always come to the aid of everyone where man alone falters, but the will must be good .... he must not reject what is incomprehensible to him, but must ask for enlightenment, which is then willingly granted to him.

But without faith in Jesus Christ, it is not possible to enter the Father's kingdom .... the gate to this kingdom has only been opened by the work of redemption .... but how is he who doubts the Divinity of the Redeemer to enter through this gate .... It has been sufficiently announced to mankind what the aim of the Saviour's descent on earth was .... not wanting to acknowledge this, but then to expect blessing from Him, is completely unthinkable .... And you people have no other possibility to acquire the kingdom of heaven for yourselves than through faith .... but without faith you are so far removed from it, that your other struggles are in vain.

You can sure busy yourselves in the good way of life; through this you will acquire many graces, but these graces will always be helpful to you to find and strengthen just this faith in Jesus Christ, only then will your walk on earth be crowned with real success .... only then will you be able to enter the eternal kingdom, which was opened to you through Jesus Christ, our Lord ....


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