I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0477    on  21.6.1938

Wise Men from the East

Love of the Savior ....

My child .... whoever, like the wise men of the East, offers all his treasures to the Child in silent adoration, the Child blesses him and gives him His love .... And he who possesses the Savior's love is unspeakably rich .... But if now your Savior gives you the task to stand up for Him and to spread His teachings among mankind, to give them knowledge of the caring love of the heavenly Father for His children, then the same happens to you as to the wise men .... a star shines for you that leads you towards the Savior ....

Dear child, you will find Me, if you only long for Me .... Every smallest sacrifice you make to Me in time and work bears you the love of your heavenly Father .... and every line you write down in this love, is a great work of mercy on mankind.  Seek to receive My words wherever possible .... Use every free moment to converse with Me, Who cares for you all .... And you will gain for soul and spirit .... For the Spirit of God will fill you and open doors for you, which you can only remotely imagine today.

Likewise, you will recognize more and more the spirit of love that dominates creation.  And if you then believe to have found the right way to Me, then I will meet you on it and let you look into My glory.  The Father's house shall receive His children, therefore seek to become children of God, so that the Father may bring you home to Himself in His kingdom and grant you eternal blessedness in all fullness .... that you may bask in the love of the Divine Savior and be His children forever ....


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