I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0485    on  26.6.1938


Obstacle ....

Nothing is more unhealthy for people than a perpetual persistence in faithlessness.  Not only do they lack the strength to be spiritually active, but they are also deprived of the possibility to strive for spiritual knowledge at all.  How could this aspiration be awakened in such people if they are only concerned with purely worldly things, if they have no belief in a mission whatsoever, which is the real purpose of their life on earth.

Only everything tangible, visible and explainable with their intellect has any influence on these people .... but everything else, the inner life, spiritual thoughts and a possible continuation of life after death .... they reject only indifferently as fantasies, and so only an extremely empty life remains to them, which is completely filled with pleasures of the world, with desires and vices of all kinds and therefore does not give rise to any further thoughts in them.  Now, however, by God's wise counsel every living being is embodied in a form, until the soul of the being is ripe for a new formation .... for a further development in another cover.

What is the life task of every smallest creature, must necessarily also be the task of the highest living being on earth .... of the human being, and the earthly activity can never be sufficient to secure a certain degree of maturity ..... This earthly activity is only useful for the body, which passes away in a short time on earth .... but not for the soul, which inhabits this body.  Now how should the soul ever be able to develop to higher maturity if it is not offered the slightest spiritual nourishment .... if man does not make an effort to assist it, to free itself from the shell, matter and it's chains, which burden it.

The soul of a person who does not have this aspiration remains in a low level, it suffers unspeakably if it does not receive help in earthly life, and has to bear an extremely heavy burden in the hereafter.  And all this only because man lacks the belief that he has to answer for everything he does or does not do in earthly life.  It is up to the human being to do or not to do what he wants, since free will was given to him.  However, such an unrecognized and unused earthly life will never dissolve into nothingness, rather the soul will recognize the injustice in all it's severity after it's earthly demise and bitterly regret the uselessly passed time of life and try to climb one step after the other in laborious struggle and fight, in order to become aware of the eternal Godhead in the first place. ....

And so you know that faith is necessary and can never ever be replaced by wisdom and rational knowledge of the creation ..... A childlike faith combined with the most intimate love for the Savior can alone lead you to eternal bliss, but without this, you remain dead creatures, even if you move in the midst of the world's hustle and bustle .... You are poor in spirit and can never participate in the blessings which a firm faith can give you .... but you will walk in darkness until you ask for light out of free will and accept it believingly.  Only then will you be able to fulfill the purpose that is the meaning of your embodiment ....


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