I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0488 28.6.1938

The obstacle of collecting earthly goods ....

Any service rendered to the Lord .... whether for the propagation of His teaching or for the instruction of the erring will be pleasing to the divine Savior, for every serving heart is a willing child of God, and it therefore fulfills its earthly task with all zeal.  Whereas mankind strives only for the attainment of earthly goods, an emptiness will soon make itself felt there, which so rightly characterizes the nothingness of the world ..... Every earthly gain is limited, transient and completely worthless for eternity.  But whoever serves here on earth, a realm soon opens up to him which is inexhaustible in wisdom and everywhere reveals the Divine Creator.

Bad people will find no joy in spiritual activity, the world gives them fully what they desire, they go the way on earth in complete ignorance, but are fully satiated with earthly pleasures and do not demand any enlightenment for the time of their earthly existence, which could curtail them in their worldly enjoyment.  If earthly advantage were to be taken from such, then they would also become followers of the teaching of Christ for the sake of this .... I.e. outwardly they are often regarded as the most zealous representatives of the word of God, but they do not connect spiritual thinking with this pure word of God .... in the least, but always only their position, their existence and their sense of acquisition is the only decisive factor.  But where this should be put on the back burner, they prefer to give up faith with a light heart ....

However, any progress in spiritual matters, no matter how small, must be rendered useless if man's interest is exclusively directed to the acquisition of earthly goods.  But the most powerful and diverse hints will be given to such people, so that they will learn to understand the futility of collecting earthly goods.  Then, however, these people will have to make great efforts to also make progress in the spiritual in a short time, which should make their stay in the hereafter easier.

For the Lord cares for all .... He does not forget those who walk in darkness .... He also wants to give knowledge to those who are too much children of the world .... if they only pay attention to these signs and receive everything from the hand of the Father in good will .... then it will be a blessing for them, and they will increase the number of those who have eternal life prepared for them through Christ our Lord .... .


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