I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0490    on  30.6.1938

Suffering as proof of God's love ....

What do the people of the world strive for most ....?  They all seek to make life as pleasant as possible for themselves and do not think of working for the salvation of their souls, and therefore life on earth will have to be made more and more difficult for them, otherwise they will never grasp the purpose of it.  Where the Godhead would like to love and instead has to use means which put the earthly child into a state of suffering, man often has reason to doubt the eternal Godhead, and but exactly his lack of understanding does not let him recognize this .....

What would become of you humans, if God would not apply these means .... How could you ever be awakened to the sense of infinity, to the wise work and rule of the eternal Godhead, if everything your heart’s desires would be fulfilled for you on earth.  You would never come closer to God in your hearts, it would always only be the goods of the world to which you pay homage .... and your souls would remain eternally in the night of darkness.

If your existence has proved to be deceptive according to your sense, then you already look for the light of life elsewhere .... you need consolations and hope and look for these in the infinite.  And then help can also come to you from there, but you never want to pay attention to it, if the earthly life grants you everything and satisfies you.  To present suffering to man as a proof of the love of the heavenly Father, is often a futile labor of love.  He believes that love must express itself only in happy signs and does not recognize the wise foresight of the Lord, who can judge the cause and effect of every event much better and therefore so infinitely wisely and lovingly directs the fate of every human being to finally bring him to where he shall finally enjoy the glory and joy of heaven.

Where none other than the Lord reveals Himself, there every doubt should be eliminated and fullest trust should be placed in the Lord .... and if the Lord imposes suffering on you, then recognize His great love in this as well, for you cannot be formed according to His will in any other way .... And if you are not able to recognize it, then place your entire earthly life in His hand with childlike trust and accept it as He offers it to you, and believe that He, Who dwells above you, knows what is good for His children .... that He loves you and wants to lead you to eternal bliss ....


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