I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0491    on  30.06.1938

Caution regarding doubts

Loving admonition ....

You, who are My children, should always remain devoted to Me, and thus I will bless you and bestow My grace upon you so that you will live for eternity .... Yet you, My child, will always be protected by Me in every adversity .... since the will to turn to Me sprang forth from a pure heart, and in this union with your Creator the strength will constantly grow for ever new activity, for realising the whole truth and for being of service to Me. Always enter into contact with Me with a joyful heart and all difficulties will fall away from you, after all, I Myself Am guiding you and will not let you tire in your striving. Nevertheless, be cautious of all doubt, this is a danger you must always recognise .... for nothing will last for long which doesn't have My blessing .... Doubt, however, is apt to reduce My blessing if you don't fight against it. I have so many teachings in store for you and only wait for you to become strong in faith .... Always remember that every doubt is an obstacle to reach Me and you will overcome it because you want to be with Me .... I constantly convey the knowledge of things to you which are far removed from others, and every proclamation shall strengthen you .... yet if you allow doubt to enter your heart you will diminish the strength flowing to you from such proclamations. Therefore, meet all doubts with the firm conviction that you will be helped by your Saviour. Don't let them arise in you but suppress them with all your strength of will for they deprive you of the greatest blessing .... your profound contact with your Saviour, and this is what you must wholeheartedly strive for .... Nothing must be too difficult for you to become worthy of this bliss, for it will release you from all burdens and will make you abundantly happy. The love of heaven takes uninterrupted care of the earthly children who work for the Lord .... no enemy will have power over you unless you concede it to him yourself. Draw comfort, strength and faith from the teachings of the Lord .... and being thus strengthened you will overcome whatever stands in your way .... You will emerge victoriously from such inner battles because your Saviour stands by your side and protects you in every walk of life ....


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