I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0545    on  14. 8 1938

Voice of conscience

Warning spiritual beings

Dismissing danger ....

The purpose of all worldly endeavors is to remedy the hardships of life, to lead an orderly, carefree life and to do the body all possible favors and thus to make life on earth a life full of joy and pleasures ..... But what seems to be beneficial for the body, is true death for the soul.  No force on earth is able to save the soul from this danger, only man alone has to take care that the world does not have a deadly effect on the soul.

There are so many opportunities which give man a hint that he has to take responsibility for everything he does and does not do.  He is also given intellect and will, so that he can consider everything and also avert the danger on his own initiative, if he only musters the will.  Quietly and almost imperceptibly the voice stirs in his heart, which sounds louder and louder the more attention is paid to it.  This voice is the vigilant warning signal that always alerts man to danger, and if he heeds this secret admonition of the heart, his soul will be grateful to him for protecting it from danger ....

In cases of great distress, the voice is so strong that a restlessness seizes the whole man and he does not attain peace until he has obeyed this voice, for everything that is good in man seeks connection with good spiritual power, and this in turn seeks to make itself heard in the human heart, so that the mind may stimulate the will to be active ....

Thus warnings and admonitions from above are sent to all people daily, and whoever understands them correctly and obeys them has no reason to fear falling prey to spiritual death, but if man separates himself and silences this voice by constantly rejecting it, the assistance of the warning spiritual beings will become less and less, the inner ear will not hear the voice, the outside world will drown it out with it's call, the temptations will be obeyed and the soul will suffer unspeakably as a result. ....

For the shell which surrounds it and from which it strives to detach itself will become ever denser and more impenetrable; soon not a single thought will apply to the spiritual world, and lightless will be the earthly path in spite of all the dazzling splendor from without.  For the soul's core remains untouched by spiritual nourishment and must only always comply with the body's desire, and so man moves further and further away from truth and soon no longer has any connection with everything that is purely spiritual and could contribute to the soul's upliftment into regions of light.

The bodily shell of man has become thoroughly material, it seeks finery and trinkets, is addicted to pleasure and tries to gain charms from everything in life, arouses the spirits of arrogance, wants to rule and is always averse to the true task.  It's behavior can put it in an excited state, it finds all the words of rejection and tends to put up a wall between any spiritual demand made on it and the earthly desire .... which man much prefers to fulfill because it seems beneficial to the body.

And he only always has the one will to deny the survival of the soul in order to be relieved of every responsibility for the time of earthly life and to have a greater right to the pleasures of the world.  And countless people today have fallen prey to such erroneous views .... All attempts to convince them and to turn their mind to eternity, fail - and only a great hardship can still have a fruitful effect, if it does not even then rather drive them to obduracy and let people drift towards the abyss completely without will.

By the oppression of the individual you must recognize which path some must walk in order to become soft and submissive and humbly submit to the Creator.  All suffering will be taken away from them if they entrust themselves to the Father's care with deep faith, but they will be burdened more and more heavily by the ways of the earth if they continue to remain stubborn and do not want to take hold of the Father's merciful hand.

Only suffering makes one docile, and only through suffering will man come to his senses, for all fulfillment of longing only diverts him from the path that alone leads to the Father .… Man should bow down and look up to the heavenly Father in deepest humility, only then he can participate in the grace that leads him to the Father. .... For God wants to give to everyone .... if he only has the desire to receive the gifts of the Lord.


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