I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0547 15.8.1938

Bridge to the spiritual world

Condition for this ....

My dear child, see how the spiritual forces turn to you according to your will, how all beings endeavor to convey truths full of light to you .... and how thereby an ever more active thought-activity sets in .… You will recognize from this that the will is able to do everything and that you will be led more and more into the kingdom of truth through this will, the more alive My Word is received by your heart and the more you strive to put it into practice.

By virtue of your willpower, which I want to increase, a bridge will soon be built to the spiritual world, on which you can enter the land of the spirits of the beyond without hindrance and there get a wealth of impressions which will enable you to defy all opposition and to immerse yourself at any time in a pure-spiritual state. .… that the soul can detach itself at any time and may have a clear vision when it is necessary.

So set yourself this goal and strive for it by striving more and more diligently to keep My commandments .... Never neglect to ask for strength through heartfelt prayer, for without Divine help, you are too weak on your own - and without your supplication, such a gracious experience cannot be granted to you, for many are called, but few are chosen, and in order to belong to the latter, your heart must drive you to Me with all fervor, you must sacrifice for My sake and always want to seek and find Me .... for the fountain of life .... of true life .... I alone am, and from Me comes all strength ....

He to whom I give this power, receives Me Myself and will therefore be a true child of his Father.  And I have promised all bliss to these and want to prepare this bliss for My Own already on earth by announcing to them when I will take up residence in their hearts .… so that they may rejoice and no longer forget Me until they are partakers of eternal bliss through union with Me forever.


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