I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0555    on  26.8.1938

Fate ....
Free will ....

Whoever of mankind refuses to hear the word of God, will remain in long darkness of spirit, for when I preached such things to the people on earth, they received the light from the heavens.  Now, however, the time has become much worse .... there is almost no person on earth who is not offered the true doctrine, and yet most close their hearts and ears to this doctrine and know only to speak of uninhibited enjoyment of life.  And therefore My teaching remains so far away and so incomprehensible to them because the slightest hint of restriction of their enjoyment of life makes them unwilling and they want to reject and deny everything.

Now, however, also the Divine power has His means, because it always only pursues the same purpose and therefore does not want to leave any earthly child to it's self-chosen fate.  Now people call that which completely counteract the desire agreeing with them, 'coercive measures', and they therefore do not recognize the free will without reservation .... But they have to consider how far they have to attribute everything to themselves that which they now feel as compulsion, and how easily they can also escape it with only a reasonably good will.

They could always remain in the same relationship of a child to the Father, who after all only wants to provide them with all comforts and whose harshness they would never feel, as long as they want to attach themselves intimately to the Father and intimate love unites the two of them.  The heavenly Father also acts in this way and keeps away from His children who love Him and abhor all injustice, everything that is evil, oppressive and tormenting them, and only applies these means when this relationship has suffered a blow and the earthly child now acts contrary to the orders of the Father, Who nevertheless loves him and would like to give him everything that delights the child's heart.

Every child is entitled to the blessings of faith and love .... if they do not accept these, even blatantly act against it and disregard them, then everything must come over the earthly man as countermeasure, what is then felt as compulsion .... Then the human being believes to have been placed completely unfree into the creation .... and has to attribute everything only to himself and his hardened heart.  And so it is precisely these people who are most likely to fall into the temptation of absolving themselves of responsibility, always with the good excuse of being forced to carry out everything, but which are always only the effects of their previous wrong actions.

Every man is given the possibility to choose freely also another way than what he has done or does .... who prevents him from it .... But he has chosen, just because he thought it was good, just this way, and so the effect of his action will always be as it was the people's desire and will .… If he has then realized that the success is different from what he wanted, he now wants to shift the blame of his supposed failure to another power in order not to have to recognize himself as the author of this.  Whoever makes an effort to look for the starting point of all events that concern him in himself, will very soon get a different opinion about "fate".

The ways which he has to go are marked out for the human being, but all actions are left to him freely, so that everyone can get the right nourishment for himself or his soul in every situation of life, which secures it's spiritual revival.  And so no event in life will have to be somehow obstructive for the soul .... but the human being will always contribute to it, whether every event is of favorable or unfavorable influence on the soul .... and thus the human being can never want to make the degree of maturity of his soul dependent on the life-situation assigned to him, which in itself is not in the least decisive for what the human being thinks in the innermost heart .... feels .... and wants ....

Only the thinking, feeling and willing of man brings about the maturing of the soul, but all conditions which surround him are only capable of bringing thinking, feeling and willing to the highest development, so that man can decide freely ..... But not that man would be forced to act differently than his will prescribes.  This can be applied to purely earthly activities, but never to the inner life, which every human being can form according to his own will.  Only that he must bear the consequences even if his thinking, feeling and wanting offends against the Divine order.  For this purpose God gave mankind intellect, that they may recognize .... and again and again give pointers there where the earthly child threatens to go astray ....


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