I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0558    on  27.8.1938

Participation of the world beyond in the writings ....

All of you will not reach that state which brings you brightness of the spirit.  You still have to struggle very much against the power of evil, which still holds you captive and steers you in such a way that you still resist the light of truth. .… Try to awaken all love in your hearts, then also your thinking will spiritualize .... you will only walk physically on earth, but in the spirit you will run ahead towards the true life .... But if you still observe the activities of the earth with active interest, the soul has no share in the spiritual experience.  And without this it does not progress on the way of knowledge ....

(Preceded by a family conversation)

And now listen: Do you know who directed your words to an area that gave rise to such conversations? .... You were surrounded by many spiritual beings whose thirst for knowledge sought your proximity.  It was again a day of incomparable blessings for your surroundings.  These beings are still ignorant, and their desire, like yours, is to draw from the source of grace lovingly granted by God .... to receive His sanctified word.  Every line holds infinite value for all these seekers, and your work can be so extraordinarily beneficial if you bring it to the attention of these beings.

And for this your kindness, all the otherworldly friends thank you very much and protect your work again from uncalled powers.  But every soul regrets that on earth there is not the same joy about the scriptures, which are a pure work of God and should have an effect full of power and strength of faith on everyone who only takes note of them.  Just as the Lord constantly hands out to everyone who asks, His gift should also be constantly accepted with thanks and yet finds so little echo in the hearts of the earth's children.

Every single topic touches the inexhaustible problem of the love and the wisdom of God ..... As soon as this expresses itself through His word, the problem is solved, and that easily comprehensible for all people .... There is nothing that cannot be comprehended, and so whoever has the will to do so, can penetrate such wisdom .… Any prior knowledge is not necessary to understand this wisdom.  But if such a work is dismissed without examination, the good will .... is missing the most indispensable thing to be able to receive the word of God.  And for this reason, the Lord only teaches those who are of good will ....

And His work finds lively sympathy in the hereafter, where a crowd constantly gathers around you .... it is nevertheless important to be able to accept as much as possible of the teachings as spiritual good, in order to educate oneself as far as possible by Divine wisdoms.  Such friends who are willing to accept, are numerous and always near you, and the occasion brought it about that this subject had to be brought up, in order to give wholesome instruction also in the hereafter to the stubborn or completely ignorant, which should lead them closer to knowledge.

It corresponds to a completely wrong way of thinking not to go into the essence, but to want to reject everything unchecked, but therefore the beings on the other side turn to you with the remark that the truth will never find entrance there where the desire for it is not present.  Pondering and researching is futile, if both are not connected with deep love for the Lord ...., but not seeking the truth at all can lead even less to knowledge.  A certain spiritual emptiness will inevitably arise from this .... man will always only pay attention to what happens in the world, but will have little understanding for pure spiritual phenomena.

And every further activity in this field will be of use always only in the first place for yourself and for the surrounding spirit beings who still need these explanations just as much in the hereafter.  Give all these your time as often as you can, because their desire for spiritual truths is great, and they give you at the same time much suggestions and direct you, so that you follow these willingly .... But also yours they do not forget .... what you do to them today through your will to help them, will one day be repaid to your loved ones, because love works in the hereafter with increased powers.


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