I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0561    on  29.8.1938

Attempts of the world against faith

Spiritual vision

Prediction ....

So prove your will by openly confessing to be a representative of My name on earth, and so I will lead you through all adversity, because the misery of the world is unspeakably great .... and in order to save the few who want to acknowledge My name, I send out My servants and messengers .... and if there are quite many of them, the harvest will also be great on earth.

In the rebuke of these My servants on earth you also recognize My love for them ..... Whenever they threaten to waver, I revive their spirit and thus continue to promote their activity, because nothing is more detrimental to the spirit than a tired sinking into inertia.

 The world tries again and again to trample all My teachings into the dust, and it finds more and more followers among the people, because they are very far away from the true faith .... from faith in their Redeemer and in the love and omnipotence of an eternal God.  All this has become nothing to them .... a legend .... far from all probability, and so also they judge the work of redemption only as a legend and do not recognize the terrible lack and backwardness which speaks from such faithless judgment .… What is the value of their lives, and what a sorrowful afterlife do these people face! .... And I see this suffering and want to save them from it ....

That is why I need willing workers in My vineyard, I need servants on earth who are to sow My seed so that it will sprout before it is too late .... I have chosen these children of Mine so that they should bring salvation to people and not miss anything to save souls from great misery.  And the worldly activity is the greatest danger for these My commissioned ones .... They are to belong completely to Me and only carry out My will and completely separate themselves from the world ..... Only in this way can they work in My name and hear My word in their heart.

The quickness of thought carries your soul to Me, if you turn to Me in heartfelt prayer.  Every good intention bears it's fruit, and every teaching resonates in your heart.  In the same way all My disciples on earth shall be strengthened by Me, and My words will never lose their effect, if they are only heard in the heart, because what only penetrates to the ears, passes them by like an empty sound, but what once has taken root in the heart will outlast everything .... and always and constantly let power flow to those who faithfully hear this word.  Therefore listen:

Behold, your heart tells you very powerfully that I am near, and stormily it cheers to Me ..... If you now hear it resounding in you, I have completely moved into you and will always work in you and through you. So constantly nurture your heart and keep it ready to receive your Lord and Savior, and know that My love encompasses everything that only asks for Me.  In the heart-chambers is hidden that which is Mine .... the God-spark of love .... awaken this to the brightest flame, then you will become alive in the deepest sense of the word, you will live only for Me and the love for Me, and nothing and no-one will have access to your heart anymore, except Me ....

And so I will give you what was promised to you, and a new life will open up to you .... in clearest brightness you will see My kingdom in the midst of the spiritual world .... you will hear the voices of the spirits and will be taught by them in a way beneficial to you.  But this will only happen when the time of blossoming is over .... when the body has completely changed and is no longer exposed to earthly temptation.  This wise foresight must prevail in order to spare you other things that could be detrimental to you.

The following night you will recognize the task that is set for you .... Leave your soul to Me and give it completely to Me, that I can protect you more and make you completely My instrument.  For now all events of My walk on earth repeat themselves .... all will be persecuted who want to protect My name .... he will be imprisoned who represents the pure teaching of My love, and those will suffer who confess the Redeemer in Me ..... But do not be afraid, no harm will come to you as long as you acknowledge Me as your Lord.

This has already been announced to the world before that nothing can shake My power and that My will intervenes everywhere where one goes to battle against Mine.  You fight for Me, your Lord, and will never be able to be defeated, since I go into battle before you and know well whose is the victory.  Now therefore take it all upon yourselves and trust in Me, your Lord and Savior, and you will be strong, even if alone .... yet I am with you always and forever .... Hold fast to this word when danger seems to approach you .… You are never alone, but always protected by your Savior, Who loves you and to Whom you should give yourself completely and forever, in order to work for Him and to help save countless souls from distress .... from spiritual night to lead them into the bright light of day ....


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