I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0564    on  1.9.1938

Insight and inability

Love work without knowledge of the value ....

And you will be immeasurably rich in experience, and your knowledge will extend over areas which all earthly intellect cannot reveal to you, for you are active as spirit beings in connection with the Divine Spirit itself .… At the moment of reception no earthly matter prevents you from receiving spiritually from spiritual regions, and so you will also remain active in the spirit yourselves, provided that you do not fall back through your own fault.

Insight and incapacity are two factors that are in conflict with each other, and yet a person can attain full insight without having, in the proper sense, the gift of being able to judge clearly something that is beyond his knowledge.  A living representation of the Spirit of God can hardly be given to man, but man will then feel this Spirit of God in him, provided he complies with everything that is demanded for the awakening of the inner spark of life.  Through the violent tearing away from the earthly, the slumbering spirit in man breaks through the surrounding shell and awakens to life ....  i.e., it now works truly powerfully in man.

The mere persistence of the thoughts in the spiritual is the greatest helper of the soul, because now spiritual forces flow inexorably to the soul and let the activity of the spirit become more and more active, and a human child who devotes himself to every impulse that leads closer to the eternal Godhead remains untouched by dark violence and completes his career on earth with the right success. .… that the soul has become the receptacle of the Divine Spirit and such union of the spirit with the Spirit of God is the ultimate goal of life on earth.

All earthly endeavors are, as it were, dead ways for the soul, the soul does not benefit from the least of such activities, only what love produces in man can be of use to the soul ..... Faith in the power of such good deeds can be the cause of inner transformation, for if a person practices them, he will unconsciously receive the power and grace to continue this work of love, and the soul will also have found it's connection to the spiritual world.  What one now does without actual knowledge of the value of such works of love is earmarked for eternity, and one good deed is soon followed by others, for he who has love never loses it and will shape himself even without the knowledge of spiritual truths.

Only the person who consciously strives for the ennoblement of his being will work incomparably more assiduously on himself and .... mind you .... will feel a significant relief in earthly life through the conscious use of the good spiritual forces, which will have an effect both spiritually and physically.  The existence on earth remains a struggle for every human being, but since support is granted by the eternal Divinity, this should also be requested and used if possible, because from now on the spiritual beings make the progress of a requesting soul their business ..… Whereas the one who walks through earthly life without all spiritual knowledge has to struggle much harder and has to generate such a strong power of love in himself in order to be able to give the soul the necessary help in earthly life as well ....

And if now the way is paved for you people, so that you may easily gain the kingdom of heaven, then consider this well and investigate and ponder what could possibly be the cause, so that the heavenly Father will take care of you and protect you from failures and wrong ways ....and recognize in it only His infinite love, which embraces all human children, and know that this love can never ever end and that it is eternally meant for you, His creatures .... and that this love woos your soul without ceasing .... so that it may find it's way back to Him, the All-Father of Light .... of Eternal Love Himself ....


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