I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0567    on  3.9.1938

Lie and Truth ....

So follow the voice within you, which calls you to order, and do not fall into the error to follow any call, which is not audible in the heart, but only comes from the outside.  You will soon recognize the essential difference of what you hear, if you only always give honor to the truth ....  i.e. do not let yourselves be beguiled by blind words, but only act as you must consider it right.  One can always gain a pleasant side to any thing by deviating from the truth or by making compromise .... Then, however, man does not walk the right path of knowledge, but remains in spiritual error until he has walked the path of pure truth.

For only through such can the degree of maturity be reached, which is the condition for entering eternal bliss.  In full knowledge of the truth, straying into the path of falsehood, is doubly painful and harmful for the soul.  For man was given the intellect to recognize .... And he should inevitably also act in such a way as knowledge dictates to him through the inner voice which makes known to him the will of God exactly.  If the voice is heeded, then it becomes man's friend .... it helps him from every trouble and danger.  It is like a faithful guard for the salvation of the soul of man and protects him with all seriousness from going astray on the wrong track.

And if man gives himself fullest account to himself, then he will also listen attentively to the inner voice .... he will cultivate the truth and never deviate from the path of truth .... and a truth-loving child also has access to the eternal truth, but a child of lies, never.  Man must give account to himself, the voice of the heart must be his own judge, and he must stand sharp and unrelenting against his offenses .... he must recognize himself and try to improve, and this he can do only with the fullest sense of truth in his heart .… For the lie glosses over everything and will never accuse him of wrong .... It will only ever excuse him and never spur him on to ever greater love of truth ....

So you must never fall victim to this vice, you must seek the truth, even if it is sometimes more difficult to bear .... You must not make any compromises, but must keep yourselves strictly truthful .... if you also want to become partakers of Divine truth .... because God as the Eternal Truth can only communicate Himself to an absolutely truth-loving child who detests lies and never takes advantage of them .… You yourselves gain the greatest advantage from it and will be considered unreduced, and so you will also be able to proclaim pure truth again, and that will always remain .....


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