I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0568    on  4.9.1938

Compassion ....

As all creatures bathe themselves in the sea of the Divine Love, so also the Divine mercy is indispensable for them, because without this everything would have to perish into nothingness .... People also need this without ceasing, because many withdraw from God's love through their own will and can only be preserved through God's mercy .… It is true that mercy is also an act of Divine love, but it only makes happy in the smallest measure, whereas love prepares all bliss in excess for the being which is worthy of this love.

God lets no being fall eternally, again and again the Divine mercy confronts this being and saves it from the worst .... the complete downfall .... as long as there still is the smallest possibility to lead it to a better state.  Therefore, for you humans, mercy is also a virtue, which you should practice to the best of your ability. Whoever can feel with the misery of his fellow human beings, the Divine spark of love is active in his heart .... and the noblest work of charity is to stand by where the greatest misery has fallen upon people.

It is God's will that man, who himself avails himself of God's mercy, should be merciful .... and is there perhaps one among you who does not need it? .… Therefore you should also be merciful and help the needy, even if they would have made themselves unworthy of your love - because the Lord judges this - but you should also love your enemies and show them your full mercy, if they need it.  All blessing comes from above .... so also from there you will be blessed for every work of mercy ....

God's love therefore wants unfulfilled wishes to remain open to people, and if you practice works of mercy, the Lord will also consider you in His love .... because the need among mankind is nameless - you can be active in neighborly love without limits if you want to serve the Lord God through it and make yourselves worthy of His blessing.  Do not let your hearts harden and give where it is necessary .... help where your help is demanded or needed.  For the Father in heaven also continually extends His mercy to you and therefore also demands the same from you .... For as you measure out, so will it be measured out to you ....


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