I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0572    on  6.9.1938

Power of prayer

Flee the pleasures of the world

Body and soul ....

So try to put yourself in a state that you only direct your senses to God, and when your thoughts want to stray, call on Him for help.  Then you will hear our every word brightly and clearly, for the power of prayer is unspeakably great, but you do not yet know it properly .… In worldly things the fulfillment of your prayer becomes tangible to you, but in spiritual things it is not so noticeable to you, but the soul derives exceeding great benefit when you turn intimately to the heavenly Father.  And that is the blessing of prayer, that you develop higher and higher and the pressure falls off the soul more and more.  The soul rises and no longer takes such a share in earthly suffering, and this also lets the body bear the suffering much easier.

In hours of earthly distress, the soul indeed returns to the body and gives it the strength to patiently take on everything in view of eternity, because body and soul struggle together for inner peace.  Flee the pleasures of the world! .... This admonition cannot be sent to you often enough, for only then will you be able to see your spiritual being so clearly before your eyes.  To raise the thoughts to God is much more valuable than to devote them to earthly pleasures, and at the same time you begin the separation of the soul from the body.  When the soul is led into our spheres, it is offered such a possibility that it soon gets in touch with the spirit slumbering in it and the existence on earth is only a means to an end for it.

It will only always stimulate the body to comply with the earthly duties and to fully commit itself to an activity in love .... to cultivate love with all it's strength and thereby to supply the soul with always new strength, which is again meant for the union with the Spirit of God.  Diligent work of the body with the soul must have spiritual success.  Therefore, it requires only the blessing from above, which should be invoked in heartfelt prayer.  Every sigh sent to heaven in childlike trust also secures you heaven's support, and in spiritual concern you will also make no request in vain.  For everything is revealed to the Godhead, including the innermost corner of the heart, when from it comes a cry for help to the Father ....


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