I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0581    on  12.9.1938




Earthly reward

Gods ....

Woe to the apostates who recognized Me and yet left Me again .... Their lot will not be an easy one in the hereafter .... They rejected, although they recognized what was right, and now bear witness against Me, because earthly power and favor appeal to them more than the crown which I have promised to My own .... And so their life on earth will leave nothing to be desired in honor, fame and reputation, but they sacrifice their soul to it and leave the world miserably .... Whoever claims fame and honor for himself will be without My grace, for only the humble is entitled to it .... Everything that pays tribute to the world must also receive the reward from the world, and this will be meager for the soul.

If the food of heaven is offered to you, you stand high above them, because Divine grace is granted to you, where they are greedy for the recognition of man.  There are no human so great in the sight of God that they should be celebrated like gods .... Everything breathes only self-love, imperiousness and pride .... The free man feels this and turns away, whereas the slaves of the world and it's rulers unite and offer the sacrifice of their subservience to their gods ....

Thus countless do not see the coming time as a spiritually revolutionary turn .... they rather only pay attention to the earthly activity and do not direct their attention to the most important thing - how God Himself stands in relation to all earthly events .... How many thoughts do people spend worrying about trivial problems, and how unimportant this one problem seems to them .... the question for what purpose they are here on earth .... And it is certainly such a desolate time that they would have to put the focus on their inner life and would want to turn their full attention to all signs of the time and their connection with the eternal Godhead.  The only task of life is the salvation of the soul .... it is infinitely more important than to raise continuous disputes which have absolutely no connection with spiritual perfection.

Oh, what strength these people waste on trivialities, and how insufficiently they consider their own soul .... which is far more in need of help in distress and misery.  Therefore, live peacefully alongside each other, you who are all My creatures, and make no distinction in value between peoples .... Have I not created all of them, and who will presume to be the most valuable among his peers? .... If you had grasped the true meaning of life, then the noble instinct should prevail in your hearts, which protectively turns to the oppressed and abhorrently avoids the oppressor .... The time of suffering on earth will teach you many things ....

But until you become humble and stretch out your hands, pleading for help .... before you give God the glory first and acknowledge Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the suffering on earth will not turn away from you, for He who took all guilt upon Himself and suffered on the cross for mankind .... He was the least of these and had all the power to rise to be the King of the people .... He remained poor like His poorest brothers on earth, He was a friend and savior of all the poor, and His redemption was the ignominious death on the cross .... Whoever on earth becomes a partaker of worldly honor, is far inferior to the Lord Jesus Christ .... He must first come down from his throne and humbly bow his knees before Him, the crucified .... before the ruler of the universe and of all creatures .... so that He may raise him from the dust and draw him to His Father's heart ....


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