I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0588    on  18.9.1938

Direct connection

Breath of God

Heavenly peace

Happiness ....

Behold, the power of the Spirit fills your heart .... You must never worry about what is beneficial to the progress of your soul.  For man receives the food of heaven immediately, as long as he desires it.  By desiring it you can recognize how the spiritual forces accompany you protectively through life .... how they are always only concerned with directing your soul fully and completely into their sphere, and once this is achieved, then you never desire to return to earth.  All earthly things will pass you by like a dream, and awakened in spirit, you will only hear the voice of the Lord ..... What is offered to you is all the more valuable, because no human influence extends to this work, but arises from direct connection with the spiritual world, and so no counter-expressions of fellow man shall confuse you or leave you undecided.

Behold, when man experiences such an obvious grace of the Lord without getting in touch with that world .... Those people will only occupy themselves with earthly questions and can therefore never gain insight into an area that does not interest them, because they close all their senses .... The man who opens himself to the power that wants to flow into him will receive, and the breath of God will touch such a willing child ..... This breath is power, is grace and is Divine Spirit.  If you declare yourselves willing to receive, it will be given to you without limit ..... And a peace will take possession of you, which only the Savior Himself can impart to you.

And where the heavenly peace beckons you, you will hardly desire the earthly life again and only long for the moment which robs the soul of it's outer cover.  Be careful now that you remain in peace .... that you do not loosen the connection to the Divine Savior .... that you only always strive to come closer and closer to Him, and the Lord will stand by your side again and again.  Whoever loves Him will be loved again with full power, and what it means to possess the love of the heavenly Father, cannot be made understandable to you people on earth.

Therefore, the Lord has already placed the feeling in your heart for earthly existence, which triggers the bliss of happiness in you .... If you love and are loved again on earth, you will already bear the burden of earth much easier ..... How much easier this burden must appear to you when Divine love is given to you.  And yet this love expresses itself so tangibly when you go joyfully through life and only ever desire to go up.  This is only a foretaste of the great bliss that awaits you in eternity.  Your longing for the Savior will be indescribable and the fulfillment of this longing unspeakably happiness.  Who already tries to clarify the term "happiness" in himself, must give himself the answer that this term can only be explained supernaturally or supersensibly .... that no man can create himself this satisfying state at will, but this state of happiness always presupposes the fulfillment of a longing.

And so the spiritual forces on the other side constantly bring such teachings to the earthly child, through which the desire is awakened in him to become a partaker of Divine love. .... The love for the Savior becomes more and more powerful and soon takes hold of the earthly child with all it's might .... The more intimately the child strives towards the Lord, the more lovingly it is received, and the radiation of Divine love makes so happy and creates such blissful peace, that nothing more blissful can be found in the whole universe than to be always worthy of the Lord's love.

So let our teachings penetrate you and listen!  In the time of maturity, you will all have to be active in order to bring in the harvest, and so work will be demanded of you unceasingly, who want to work as laborers in the Lord's vineyard and have willingly offered your services to the Lord.  Thus, everyone has received his mission from the Lord, and the Lord will guide you according to His will, you will carry out as obedient servants, what He demands of you.  In these times, increased readiness for action is required, because only love for one another can bring salvation .... every work of love is blessed by the Lord and is anxious to draw souls to Himself.  But still you will have to struggle, practice patience and love, because only by good example you will be successful.  You will be called to stand up for the name of the Lord ....


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