I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0592    on  23.9.1938

The Spirit of God

Thus the spirit was guided so that it found its way to God in the midst of all dangers .... He was not able to resist His divine power and remained in the power of the One who gave shape to his life.  But how unspeakably difficult it is to get rid of the demons who likewise test their power on him .... How the Spirit of God must be active and seek the union with the soul without interruption.  And this all the more, the more mindful man is of his purpose.  How often is his perseverance directed to just the opposite striving than this union with God.  Then the soul moves on the wrong track as long as it is in spiritual distress.  For the violent intervention of divine power would never trigger the love for God ..... Man must find the way to God himself and then want to serve Him in love.

Thus every spiritual product .... any instruction, will let man find himself in divine love, and a rebirth of the spirit will now take place without resistance, and all spiritual now opens the heart, and man receives the grace of heaven and now only cares for his soul.  Therefore, just let the Father take care of His creatures, and then include in your prayers all whom you love .... Remember the power of the Most High, and reject all doubts.

Those who come down to you through the etheric blue have great power, and by virtue of this power they work in the sense of God and leave nothing undone that is useful for the soul to recognize.  On a trial basis, many will be left on earth to express themselves visibly, and which ways are prescribed to them, you cannot measure .... only light will become everywhere where their work begins, and hearts will ignite in love .... Then know that the task of these is an extraordinary one .... Meet them with good will, let yourselves be taught, and listen to every word that is given to you. For if the Spirit of God is to fill you, you must grant Him entrance into your heart ....


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