I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0677    on  22.11.1938

The will is the only way to truth and knowledge


Arrogance ....

The recognition of man depends on the strength of his will.  If the intention is to live pleasing to God the Lord and to fulfill his destiny on earth according to God's will, then it will also soon become light and bright in himself, and he will feel with fullest certainty in his heart what is right, and the truth will reveal itself to him.  For the will alone directs him to the right way, the way of truth and knowledge.  Who lacks the will, he will eternally not reach full clarity, and it is therefore also more advisable to leave oneself in good will to the providence of God, than to want to fathom the truth on one's own authority intellectually. .…

For the human being will always be mistaken as long as the striving does not start for the reason which only corresponds to the will of God .... to show himself compliant to the Creator from eternity.  Humility and complete submission to the Lord are the first conditions to reach the Lord one day .... What once separated the soul from God was arrogance and imperiousness.  And so only through self-abasement, can the soul find it's way back to God .… But there is no humility whatsoever in the intellectual desire to fathom. .... Man thinks that he is able to penetrate the creation and its secrets by his own strength, and therefore he will never be able to find the right enlightenment of the spirit, until he finally turns to the Creator Himself in self-knowledge of his weakness, asking and in deep humility .... Then his striving will be crowned with success and will give him all knowledge.

And therefore the way to knowledge is to be entered only if the deepest willingness takes possession of the soul to serve God the Lord .... It is this will that is so exceedingly successful, because it unites everything in itself .... the humility and the deep love for God and thus also the active love for one's neighbor, because for himself alone, man does not desire the truth, but at the same time strives to work for the Lord and to take care of the erring souls of fellow men.  Such striving will then also be blessed, since the whole life on earth is only meant for the redemption from the darkness of the spirit.

In direct connection with the energetic support then also the continuous instruction of the earthly child stands, because the will of man can only then remain uninterruptedly active, if it is kept active by the supply of spiritual food .... He will be steeled to highest efficiency, if man is instructed by the heavenly Father Himself in his task .… For the more Divine Love reveals itself to the earthly child, the more eagerly it will strive to become worthy of this love, and it will therefore devote itself completely to the task of receiving and giving light to all it's fellow human beings.  For this alone is the destiny of everyone on earth, to redeem himself from the night of the spirit in order to be able to enter the kingdom of light .... of the eternal truth ....


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