I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0686    on  27.11.1938

Secrets of creation ….

The secrets of creation will be completely unveiled to those who seek Me, for I Myself will be in them, and they will receive the truth from Him Who is Lord of all creation.  For if I withheld this from you, truly the purpose of creation would not be fulfilled .... Everything that is, is only for you, everything you shall see and know about every smallest work that I have created.  All things are purposefully determined .... they have come into being out of My wisdom and omnipotence in such a way as they are of use for the further development of all spiritual beings, and the will of man contributes to it that all things can be rightly recognized by him and thus also become the foundation stone for eternal bliss.  Because everything what pleases the human eye and heart is also accessible and visible to the spiritual being, if it has entered the state of perfection .... Everything created by Me contributes to the endless happiness of these beings and is only then understood in it's greatness and perfection.

The Divine hand rules invisibly and steers every creature, but this is not yet quite comprehensible to you because you do not recognize the Spirit of wisdom, which controls and maintains everything from eternity.  Only the entrance into the regions of light opens up a knowledge about this to you; on earth, however, you only have to seek the right attitude towards your Creator to enter into the most possible illumination of the spirit for you and to be able to penetrate into the miracles of Divine creation.

There will be no end of amazement when you have left your earthly body and are allowed to take a look into the evidence of love and omnipotence of the heavenly Father, Who wants to prepare unspeakable delights for you in eternity.  If the work of creation is to be completely opened to you, your fullest inner consent, the fullest will to reach Me .... is necessary.  Only then I can send you My Spirit, which guides you into all truth.  You must fully and completely profess Me, you must be completely Mine and despise every earthly good if it makes you turn away from Me, because only I am the eternal Truth and in Me lies the complete fulfilment .…

I bless those who seek Me, I walk in their midst, give them light and increase their wisdom .... I want to take possession of you so that you can no longer fall prey to the world, if only you are willing to receive Me and offer Me alone a dwelling place in your hearts. .... For beside Me there is no longer room for worldly desires .... Who wants to possess Me, must give up everything else, because only in the complete devotion to Me, you find the highest and most valuable .... the eternal Truth, and only this again is the epitome of the heavenly bliss.

The world is already satisfied when you fulfill the earthly task for the benefit of your fellow men; but you only fulfill your spiritual work when you try to approach Him in longing and love for God, when then the spiritual work on you can start .... when you pay attention to the miracle of creation and thus also begin to recognize the Creator and reverently face His love and omnipotence.  Only then the right relationship to the Father is established, Who then instructs you in all love and reveals the miracle of creation before your eyes, as far as you are receptive in the earthly state.  Only the transition into the light-filled beyond, guarantees you a comprehensive knowledge and recognition of God's love, wisdom and omnipotence, and you will sing glory, praise and thanks to Him for all eternity ....


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