I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0690    on  29.11.1938


Worldly pleasures

Self-salvation ....

Man's power became infinitely greater, and his will became powerful, because the power of love gained the upper hand over evil, and whoever now lives in love, can acquire this power in such a way that the career on earth is fully sufficient to enter the realms of eternal bliss as a clarified being after bodily death.

Only the will of man remained untouchable, and this will now the opposing power tries to influence to the utmost, so that the inclination to love is weakened and thus the self-redemption through love is questioned.  Only the uninterrupted striving to live in the will of God, is able to resist the efforts of the adversary.  Where the will seriously turns to God, there the opposing power has lost all power .... it seeks indeed again and again to bring man down, however these attempts are ineffective, because the love to God outweighs everything.  Thus, the incarnation of Christ was the victory over evil .... the power of the adversary was broken and the power of the earth being willing to love, increased in the same measure, and an ascent to God was now secured for all spiritual beings .…

The demons of the universe now seek with all cunning to seize the souls and to awaken or strengthen all desires that are destructive, because these again weaken the will, which is otherwise strong and resistant.  Therefore, any worldly desire is an obstacle to the final reunion with God, because then the will does not fully turn to the eternal Divinity, but is divided and gradually more and more inclined to the world, because the will of man becomes weaker and weaker and the temptations from the side of evil stronger in the same measure.

In itself, the desire for the world is not a sin, as long as the commandments of God are not violated, but the renunciation of all worldly pleasures is, as it were, the ladder to the top, because man then exchanges them for Divine grace.  The body willingly gives up the pleasures of the world, for which the soul, however, is unspeakably richly endowed with strength and grace for its actual purpose.  And the soul feels well in this state, which lets it dwell in light spheres, whereas the body gradually loses the inclination to the world completely and the sacrifice of the body is more and more easily bearable, the more perfect the state of the soul is.

But what people strive for on earth, who do not live in the grace of God, is only appearance and deception, everything melts and passes away like foam, creating comfort for the body only for the earthly time, but leaving the soul in the poorest condition .... Then man has lived his earthly life completely useless, not thinking of the task he had to fulfill.  And so the work of redemption, the incarnation of God, has remained without any blessing for such an earthly child .... the bridge, which the Savior built to mankind, they have not entered.  They continue to walk on the path of darkness, which previously led people astray, and do not see the light-filled path, which the love of God has made passable for the earth children .... This way is certainly narrow and a way of renunciation, self-denial and highest  demands on the soul, but it inevitably leads to the goal .... It shapes the earthly human being into a child of God who finally unites with the heavenly Father and thus finds his way home to the Father's house ....


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