I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0692    on  30.11.1938

Need to mediate

God's Word

Purest truth ....

The highest bliss of heaven will be granted to you who serve the Lord.  For the innumerable dangers threatening the soul in earthly life are to be properly recognized by people, and therefore the Word of God must reach them in this form, in order to let faith arise anew and to again direct the people's thoughts to Jesus Christ, the Divine Redeemer.

For it has become a world of appearances, no-one really recognizes the purpose of his existence on earth anymore, everything turns to matter and thus reduces the power of the spiritual.  And yet so much help is available to them, which they only need to seize.  The Lord constantly imparts His Word to them .... He wants to instruct mankind of His will and their task.  Because it is about infinitely great things .... it is about eternity.

The Lord can only speak to humans through the mouths of humans if He wants to form free, self-determining beings into children of God, because all other admonitions from above are also no longer heeded, but accepted as events occurring again and again, and therefore the Lord will have to intervene so conspicuously when His admonitions and His words are not heeded.  Only in each individual's oppressive distress will it become apparent to them and even then the term "force of nature" will still keep many away from thinking correctly, because their delusion has already progressed too far, and so help can only be granted to those who turn to the Creator of heaven and earth with full faith .... who commend their lives to Him and ask for His mercy.  Only they will be saved from all distress.

So that the number of these may increase, the Lord sends out His servants beforehand, who are to give news of what is to be expected.  They can still change people's thinking if they preach the Word of God, which the Lord wisely blesses with His power, so that all who hear it and accept it believingly, will feel this power.  Only through this Word of God transmitted to people, can salvation still be brought to them, and it is indispensable for mankind to lead them to correct thinking.  Whoever, in the name of the Lord, loves to preach the Word of God to his neighbor, is only an executor of the Divine will.  The Word of God is to arise anew among mankind and can only be taught in the present time in such a way that it appears acceptable to the one willing to believe, because man resists too much against everything improbable .... However, he should also not be forced to accept the faith, but his free will should decide and accept or reject it.

What reaches the servants on earth and is received by them with full faith, is the purest light truth from the heavens .... it is the expression of Divine love for man .... it is the most unspoiled teaching of Christ, which He Himself taught the people on earth and which remains eternally the same.  If you people receive this, you are blessed, and if you also impart this to your fellow men, your reward will be truly high one day.  Love for your fellow human beings should be your driving force, and words given in love, will also not fail to make an impression .... They will awaken love again and let God be recognized as the wisest, most loving Father, Whom the earthly child must love above all else.

Where the Word of God has found entrance, there also peace of heart will return, the longing for the world will recede, all shine and glamor of this will fade, and man will only desire to hear God's word and to get from it strengthening and comfort, inner peace and happiness. .... For the Word of God replaces a thousandfold the pleasures of the world, if it is received in full faith.

Whoever is in the service of God, is called to stand up for the Word of God and, as an emissary of the Lord, to give notice of His will.  The task of these servants is such an enormous and extensive one, because it is of greatest necessity for the people who walk on earth in deepest night and do not understand the seriousness of the present time.  And therefore these servants should also be equipped with all power to support their words effectively in the name of the Lord.  Because a person standing in full faith, who visibly has extraordinary power, will most likely be able to consolidate the faith in a divine being, to whom everything in the universe is subordinate ..…

And once man has this knowledge, then he will also be willing to accept the Divine Word and make an effort to obey the will of the Lord which is recognizable from it; but who also rejects such proofs of Divine love and care for people, he will get into bad trouble, if the Lord will determine the elements of nature to inform mankind about His existence.  Then the voice of the Lord will sound audibly to all and cause fear and terror with the unbelievers, to whom the last reprieve is granted ....


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