I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0706    on  10.12.1938

Lack of self-knowledge


Stubbornness ....

Pay attention to the words that come to you today: The most bitter condition of life is caused by people who are in perpetual self-destruction and do not implore God's grace for help, through which they would be freed from the pressure that burdens them.  These people always see their own situation as so deplorable and get more and more entangled in gloomy feelings and their whole being is finally only a boundlessly bitter one, and that without any real cause.

Their self-love is too strongly developed to overcome themselves, and they see much rather the fulfillment of life in the lot of other people, and so a just judgment always remains something foreign to these people.  They reject all rational reason and thus have a much more difficult life through their own stubbornness, because a good will would have let them master life much easier.

Life itself is so instructive and gives so much guidance, if it is only used properly and recourse is taken to work in love in all oppression of the soul.  Then balance is created, and the heart becomes joyful .... And when one's own person is put aside, all heaviness falls away from the human being and he finds the fulfillment of life in working for others.  The purpose of life is always only one's own maturation, a renunciation of the fulfillment of one's own desires and perpetual willing service.

The more man can subordinate himself, the freer his spiritual state will become, and the more often he practices self-conquest, the stronger his will becomes, and this work on himself brings about an ennoblement of the whole being, then only the good of the fellow man will always be taken into account, and painful state which torments the people, is removed.  .... And this is achieved by the will to act .... It is much easier to defeat the world than to defeat oneself .…

Man does not want to admit to be the originator of his condition, he always looks for the cause everywhere else than with himself, and this is his mistake .... Where self-knowledge is lacking, help is difficult to bring .... because then where should the lever be applied .... He who wants to criticize only others, but never himself, will hardly recognize the basic evil, he will always find himself only pitiable and will not muster the will to bring an end to his condition, which nevertheless oppresses him.

And so only one thing has a right effect on such a mind .... to make it aware in all love of it's wrong attitude towards life, which man should master himself and not let himself be mastered by it, which is the case every time he suffers from the pressure of his mood and does not find a way out.  Where there is the will, there is also the deed, and only this frees the person from any evil ....


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