I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0709    on  12.12.1938

Many are called

Power of prayer for receptivity ....

Behold, My child, still the way to eternal life is to be entered under My guidance .... I have understanding for everything and in all love I am anxious to dissuade you from the wrong way and to make clear to you the uselessness of your worldly striving .... And I want to spare you all suffering on earth and in the hereafter.  If you now follow My Word and take all spiritual strength from it, if you allow the thoughts of eternity to enter into you and serve each other in love, your way of life will not be difficult, but without My Word you will never find the right way, for you are already too alienated from the spiritual and your thinking has become materialistic ....

I myself am so far away from you because you have distanced yourselves from Me, and the more lonely you walk the life, the greater the distance from Me becomes, and I Myself cannot fetch you back, because you have to be active out of yourselves, through the free will, which is indispensable to win the adoption as a child of God.  And so I see with sadness how little attention you pay to your salvation .... as you don't think about your wrong life.

And again it is only My great mercy and My infinite love for you that I give you information about My will .... And I call you all, you My children on earth .... All of you may hear my word if you only desire it.  But how shall you receive if your will is not strong enough? .... How shall I speak to you, who do not meet Me with full faith and long for My presence? .... How should you hear My voice in your heart if your heart is not inflamed with love for Me .... and I can only express Myself through love and in love.  Thus, many are called but only a few are chosen, and the latter have to sacrifice their entire will to Me completely in order to then also receive endlessly more than they have given for Me.

The power of prayer is underestimated by all of you .... it is so great that you will succeed in everything you ask for in prayer .... So also you will be honored as a receptacle of My Word of My wisdoms, if you strive for this sincerely and ask for the grace of such a distinction from the Father in heaven.  All your spiritual striving will not be unsuccessful, for you will truly do no wrong in this regard.  I want to give this in the highest measure to the few people who love Me and desire My Word, they shall draw all strength from it, raise themselves up in trouble and go through earthly life full of hope towards a blissful life in the hereafter.

And every earthly heaviness will fall off them if they are in possession of My Word and make an effort to live according to this Word.  Therefore, whoever always strives for it, will also be honored by Me with the Word, if he only pays attention to the inner voice .... For I dwell again among people on earth who are of good will and bring them refreshment and consolation, restoration and strengthening through My Word, and if I send this promise to you, you need never fear your body's and your soul's downfall. .... Only the body can separate painlessly from the soul, but the latter then enters the realms of bliss forever in a light-form ....


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