I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0719    on  23.12.1938

"The Kingdom of Heaven needs Violence ...."

Only he who uses force, will enter the kingdom of heaven .... And so let it be told you that two kinds of feelings are still fighting in you for supremacy; the desire for the world makes the inner voice silent at times, and you distance yourself from the Lord through this desire.  But on the other hand, your soul does not allow separation in the consciousness of it's belonging to God and soon seeks to lead you back.  If you then find it difficult to establish the connection with the Divine Saviour, this should always be a warning sign for you, because then you have to use force in order to return to the spiritual sphere, while otherwise this is your soul's actual abode.

And so the deviation to the path of worldly pleasures is always a danger for the soul, which suffers unspeakably from the separation from the heavenly Father and fears a flattening of your perception.  Therefore, those people who cannot renounce the world and it's pleasures, can never stand in knowledge, because always these will destroy all the initiating illumination, and the light cannot flare up and spread a bright glow, where the splendor of the world overrides this light of the soul .... Man cannot seriously concern himself with that which is alone the portion of the soul, if his greater concern is for the welfare and enjoyment of the body.  All worldly pleasures should only offer man the opportunities to test and strengthen his resistance, but if the desire of the body is yielded to, the greater test must be offered to the earthly child to resist.

Consider this very well when the world lures you and wants to make you incapable for your spiritual experience.  Such temptations must come to you again and again, so that you do not become careless and indifferent to the detriment of your soul.  Every worldly joy, no matter how small, is a loss in the spiritual field, because in the same measure as you pay homage to the former, you fall under the spell of matter, which again blocks the way to the pure-spiritual, because the one cannot exist alongside the other, the one is always achieved at the expense of the other, and therefore always choose the right one .... choose the joys of the soul, the spiritual connection with the Lord, and leave the stale earthly pleasure, which cannot bring the slightest advantage to your soul.  For both the one and the other will become stronger by the fulfillment of the desire within .... He who strives for worldly pleasures, will desire them to an ever greater extent, and the spiritually striving person will likewise bear an ever greater desire for them through satiation.

Therefore, do not make any concessions, but fight against the desire in you, which can never serve you, but be extremely harmful to the soul.  The joy of the soul is considerably greater for man than the joys of the world can ever be.   And overcoming oneself, brings about the most beautiful success .... Radiant light, in which the soul bathes itself and which spreads bright light on the dark path of earthly life ....


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