I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0725    on  27.12.1938

Approval from above for the purpose of increasing the will to resist ....

The events of daily life change with the full approval of the Lord, and all events are, as it were, an approval from above, since they always have only one purpose, to steel the will to resist and to let the state of the soul become brighter and clearer. Where man often wants to become timid, there he applies greater energy, because his own state of weakness does not please him and he wants to remedy it as quickly as possible.  This increased willpower generation for overcoming such resistances, lets the soul become more and more mature, because all struggle, which applies to spiritual resistance, is according to the will of the Creator and must therefore also lead to perfection.

And so every event which gives rise to lively spiritual activity, is also permitted by God, because it is necessary for the training of man and therefore can only have a beneficial effect or however also brings a bad relapse to man, but this only then, when the will of the earthly child decreases to live in the Divine order .... i.e., when all striving upwards is suddenly felt as unprofitable and therefore is given up.  But this is to be feared only with such people who have never been serious about the knowledge of the eternal truth or who cannot completely separate themselves from the earthly .... who strive erratically soon one, soon the other and do not get the strength for perseverance in prayer .... They will also always lack the strength to keep the commandments of God.  Just what they lack, be it willpower, knowledge or love, they should try to increase through fervent prayer .... they should not carelessly let the Lord's gifts of grace pass them by .... they should try to make themselves worthy of these graces, and as long as they do so, they should struggle in intimate prayer to God for union with Him, Who then makes the path of life easy for the earthly child; for the Lord grants everything to a child asking for it's salvation.

Again and again it must be pointed out how valuable it is when man no longer starts anything without having sought the union with the Heavenly Father .... because then, as it were, the Father goes with His child .... And where apparent resistances worry the child, there only new ways are paved, not yet quite understandable and clear to man, but inserted by the wise Creator in such a planned way that a striving man can always draw spiritual benefit from it, because in the everyday smooth processing of earthly life can hardly develop a fighter who can one day stand up for the name of God in full conviction.

Everything that a man is to represent before his fellow world, he must have felt first in himself .... he must have penetrated spiritually into every problem, before he is able to solve this other.  And if the Lord wants you to become a contending army, He must also train you for this dispute about the truth, and this can only happen by you practicing to fight for the name of the Lord against all hostility from earthly sides .... Who are therefore mistaken because they do not understand God's great, infinite love and therefore look at everything with the eyes of the world, selfishly and lovelessly striving for earthly interests and thereby forgetting the most important thing, that a heated struggle for the soul should begin during the time of earthly life.  And in true zeal to work only for God and the truth, will also always free man from his oppressive, seemingly insurmountable life-situation and give him always new strength to pursue the path that must inevitably lead to the goal ....


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