I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0733    on  3.1.1939

The Word of God



Wisdom ....

And they will be foolish who close themselves to the acceptance of the Word of God .... they will have no comfort in trouble and suffering and also have to do without any support in hard times, because if the Lord Himself is ready to give you everything with His Word and you do not respect His gift, you will have to live in want and stand lonely and abandoned in life.

The pure Word of God is the gift of the Creator from the beginning .... it went to the people from above at all time .... it was the connection of the eternal Divinity to the earthly beings.  They who always wanted to, heard this Word, and stood in the love for God .... For what man wants, happens ....  the Father announces Himself through His Word to those who desires God.  The Word is the bearer of Divine Love and Divine power, and this Word is heard by anyone who makes himself worthy of the love and the power of God ....

The love of God reveals itself to the earthly child through the Word, and until the end of the world, God will reveal Himself in the Word to those who are His children.  Whoever has this Word, is already blessed on earth, and whoever lives according to the word of God, his is the kingdom of heaven .... the eternal bliss. But woe to those who oppose the Word of God, they not only lack everything that is necessary for salvation, but will fall victim to the judgment, if they do not recognize their wrong at the right time.

What the Lord gives to his own is supposed to ease their earthly way and show them ways and means to find their way back to the heavenly Father.  But how shall such help be offered to you, who reject the Word of God and His grace visibly shown to you.

The love of the Father is again and again endeavored to bring knowledge to the earthly child of it's earthly task, about the right relationship of the child to the Father and of all means of grace, whose application leads to the goal in a short time, and again and again the Father imparts the Word to His children, so that they are not to go through life abandoned and without any help.  And thus everyone will stand in the blessing of God's Word, who does not close his ear to the gift that comes from above, but hungering and thirsting, receives the refreshment that the Lord has blessed with His power.  How empty is the life of a man who does not draw everything from the Word of God .... Knowledge, faith and from it, love for God and neighbor.

When the Lord God visibly appears, that He imparts His Word to mankind and preaches His love to the people who are of good will, then also those will stand in the love and grace of God, who heeds His Word and is permeated by the Spirit of love, which speaks from the Word of God.  The Lord gave at all times, to all generations and to everyone, always and forever the same .... the truth .... For the Word of God can only be pure truth, because it goes out from God, as the truth itself.  The Word of God must also be pure love, where the starting point of the word is likewise the love itself ....

And all wisdom has to be opened to the earthly child through this, because the eternal Wisdom Himself teaches the earthly child.  And so whoever accepts the Word of God .... will stand in truth, love and wisdom.  And it will remain until all eternity, because the love, the truth and the wisdom of God cannot pass away .... But whoever rejects the Word of God, all truth, love and wisdom is also closed to him indefinitely ....


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