I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0736    on  7&8.1.1939

The term "grace" ....

Worlds will pass away and the suns will lose their shine, but the grace of God will descend on His creatures eternally and unchangeably.  Because what has come out of Him, also goes the course of perfection, and without the Divine grace, the way can never be covered.  Therefore everything is arranged so infinitely wisely that the being is seized by the stream of Divine grace, if only he does not move away from the influx of grace himself .... He who lives in grace, will be able to cover the way of perfection without effort, but he who rejects it will have to overcome obstacles upon obstacles .... his soul will not find the strength to free itself, and the spirit will powerlessly slumber in it, unawakened to self-development, because without the Divine grace, the work of liberation is too difficult for the beings.

If now the grace of God is the basic condition for salvation, i.e. indispensably necessary, then it is understandable how much the work of the Godhead goes to explain the concept of grace to the beings in detail, because there are unlimited possibilities, so to speak, which are offered to the beings striving for perfection to reach their goal.

The eternal Godhead, in His infinite love and wisdom, has very well considered what an extremely difficult struggle has to be fought, but this struggle cannot be avoided, if development to a God-like being is to take place, which is to be equally perfect in everything, as the Father in heaven Himself is perfect .... A struggle out of one's own strength to reach this state of perfection, would not be very successful with the counter-influence of the evil power, because the latter is stronger and the being is not able to offer sufficient resistance.

And so God stands by those who confess to Him, who carry in themselves the desire for the union with God consciously or unconsciously, and that in every way.  The help for the ascent to God .... so all that should be called what is made accessible to the people under the term "grace" .... Man does not understand the meaning of the word in it's full depth .... Everywhere and at any time, God's help comes to meet the being and only wants to be embraced.  A heartfelt prayer for God's help lets it be granted to him in all fullness, and therefore man can devote himself to his soul-work with full confidence, because he will be so full of grace, if he believes and turns to the Father in heaven pleading for help, that the highest success is assured.  He will, standing in the Divine sun of grace, circumnavigate the most dangerous cliffs exceedingly easily and cover the most arduous paths effortlessly .... his soul will feel the loosening of the fetters, the spirit will become lively and break through the shell and finally unite with the Spirit of love from God .... and all only through the Divine grace which every being can ask for .... which can never be distributed by God in a limited way, but can be received unmeasured, by everyone who only desires it.

The divine Creator demands from His creatures a higher development in great measure, but He gives them at the same time the instructions and means in the hand, that they can comply with the wish of the Creator.  Thus, again, the work itself is not difficult, if only the will strives for it, because the will of the being is not commanded by the Lord .... It is up to the being alone to form it, yet prayer for God's grace can also grant powerful help, for God's love is active everywhere a being turns to Him and distributes the blessings without limit so that the imperfect being will always and constantly know a lifeline it can grasp in adversity and danger, and a praying being longing for Divine grace, will never be left without help. ....

(8.1.1939) And countless beings will feel the grace of God in them as long as they are willing to receive.  Living faith and energetic love let streams of God's grace flow to them .... God will always helpfully meet the being to facilitate it's way up, to protect it from the power of evil and to secure it's union with the eternal Spirit of love, because "truly I say to you" - says the Lord - "your suffering will be little on earth, if you only make use of My grace .... you will be able to reach the highest height and enter into direct contact with Me, and your soul will float in the light ...."


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