I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0740    on  10.1.1939

Inner contemplation

Willpower by Divine Grace ....

The most important thing in life is that you often stop in yourselves .... that you always try to get into the blessing of God's grace, because God's grace enlivens the will-power .... Far from the world, in the time of quiet contemplation, you will feel the strengthening of the will, and no obstacle will oppose the soul if it wants to take the way up.  Everything necessary for the soul will be granted to it abundantly as soon as it strives; however, to advance without the grace, which can easily be obtained, is considerably more difficult - yes, mostly completely questioned, because the earthly child will rather go back in it's striving than remain on the same level of development if God's love does not meet it helpfully through grace.

Therefore do not neglect to ask for it, since your own will is indispensable .... but as soon as your will itself demands it, you will be abundantly provided with it .... You must never forget that the heavenly Father will provide you with every conceivable help, but that this must always be made dependent on your will .... that God's grace cannot be granted to you as long as you do not desire and ask for it yourselves.  If you want, you will receive .... but to support you without your will, would be to let inactive beings come into being through God's will, who would be deprived of the freedom of will.  Thus it is exceedingly easy to understand why you should turn to the heavenly Father in prayer again and again .... You should not ask for earthly things, but be seriously concerned about your soul's well-being, then your earthly well-being is also secured.

There often come days when you pay less attention to your inner life .... that you go along, as it were, unconcerned and inactive in a spiritual sense and therefore the grace of God cannot flow to you, which results in a weakening of the willpower, a becoming careless and a certain indifference towards the spiritual good.  All these phenomena should warn you not to remain in this state .... they should always be a quiet reminder to you to gather yourselves again in prayer and to implore the help of God against the fatigue of the spirit.  And this request will also be granted, because the Father does not leave a child struggling for it's salvation without help.  You should be reminded of the word of the Gospel: "Ask, and it shall be given you .... knock, and it shall be opened unto you ...."


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