I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0741    on  10.1.1939

Father's Words ....

You should seek My Spirit often, My dear child, and the true enlightenment will become you at any time.  Man who feels in himself the belonging to Me cannot go wrong, and likewise all powers from Me connect with that which is from Me and desires Me.  Just one example: far away from home, the child thinks of his father's house in love and already the thought of father and mother lets him remain with them in spirit, but these hurry through the long distance in the same love-desire for the child and so only a spatial separation exists according to the body, but to the mutual thoughts and the spirit in them, no barriers are set, so that they may stay together at any time and the love-power expresses itself unchanged.  You, who have gone out from Me and whom I expect back with all love, will always be sure of this love, and your heart should therefore only always be turned to Me with desire, then there are also no borders between us ....

I embrace My children with all intimacy and only ever want their best .... to protect them in the hardship which must be their lot in earthly life in order to recognize Me.  The Father's love is the most precious thing they may call their own in earthly life, and if they are aware of it, all earthly sorrow will only pass them by like a dream.

But how many go through earthly life unconscious of Divine Fatherly love.  Life becomes a burden for them, because they have to bear alone what the Father sends them .... they do not recognize Me, and My love-power cannot flow to them .... The meaning of life remains hidden to them, they carry out their earthly activity purely mechanically, care for the body and live in the frenzy of pleasure .... But they do not enter into intimate contact with Me, and I can only ever give them My love in the form of sorrow and worry, so that they will find their way to Me alone, without constraint and completely of their own free will.

And there is therefore so much misery and distress in the world, because the number of those who recognize Me becomes smaller and smaller and my Fatherly love can only express itself in such misery to guide My children to recognize Me.  But those who have found Me shall always and forever send their spirit to Me; every thought which is meant for Me as Father is strength and a source of grace, and you yourselves will draw the greatest benefit from it, because My love seizes you .... it knows no limits and awakens in you the longing for eternal union.  And your end will then be a blessed one ....


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