I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0747    on  17.1.1939

Fitting into the Divine order ....

What the Father commands you, you must make to your guideline - because to live in His will, is everything what He demands from you, and His law is only given to lead you to happiness, because in the fulfillment of this law, also all preconditions lie for the entrance into the eternal happiness.

Whoever makes an effort to live in such a way that every day is an assimilation into the Divine order, will be able to solve the earthly task very easily .... he is subject to the will of the Father and will therefore never act and think differently than what corresponds to the Divine will, and a child who never opposes the Father's commandment, will also receive the full reward for his obedience.  But the slightest contrary action will be recognizable in it's consequences ....

It is not that the Father will reject His child, but the child will seriously harm himself by having to struggle with resistance during his whole lifetime on earth, while a willing assimilation into the order of God will also ensure an always calm and easy life on earth with the happy feeling of the child belonging to the heavenly Father.

Who does not know this feeling in earthly life, he does not know what he has to do without .... consequently he also does not appreciate the love of the Father and still needs the strength to again be able to fulfil the commandments of God .... and therefore his struggle will be more and more difficult on earth, because he who has love, also has the strength .... who lives in love for the heavenly Father, will use all willpower to comply with the Divine laws, and it will therefore be easy for him to fit into the order wanted by God, because then the child wants the same what the Father wants, because the love which unites both, pursues the same goal .... eternal union and thereby, eternal bliss ....


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