I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0767    on  3.2.1939

Word of God ....

So accept the words of the Lord and heed them.  It is an unparalleled battle that the soul has to fight through if it wants to enter the state of godlikeness, and the temptations to pull it down into the darkness of the spirit are great.  But there is also every possibility to make you free from the threatening dangers, if you only pay attention to the words of the Lord.

The earth hovers, as it were, in the midst of all hostile violence.  Everything that the earth holds is seized by it, and only a permanent resistance can bring about the release from this violence.  As from below the desires lure and pull the human being, so from above the Word of God is given to you, which, if it is obeyed, has far stronger power and lifts you up from the depth and the darkness.

Countless struggling souls need God's help and again do not take the only means which brings them real help.  Likewise, innumerable beings in the hereafter will only be helped by the Word of God, and it will also be offered to them by God's love.

Accordingly, as people on earth adjust themselves to the Word of God, so will be their lot in the hereafter.  What they reject here, will not seem much more acceptable to them there, and it will take a long time for them to become receptive to the Word of God.  And the time will repent them, if they have recognized .... the time on earth and in the hereafter, which they have lost for their soul in the blindness of the spirit.

Every teaching by the beings which they  accommodate with a willing heart, bears rich fruit, both on earth and over there .... The Word of God will be taught again and again, and mankind will never be left without this delicious gift from heaven, because without the outflow of Divine Love, truly no salvation for the soul would be possible.  Everything spiritual must be strengthened spiritually .... the soul cannot be satiated by earthly food, and therefore the right food for the soul must come from above.

If now the Lord cares in always constant love that none of His children shall live in want .... if He nevertheless knows what these children lack, then the earthly child only needs to turn it's will to Him .... it only needs to give it's consent and willingly receive what the Father lovingly offers it.

Instead, people refuse and do not want to receive.  They stand in blatant opposition to that which alone is necessary for them .... They live into the day and do not consider their end.  In the misery of the heart, however, only one way remains for them, and if they take this way, they will still be helped in the last hour.  And therefore it is only the will of man himself who lets difficult times fall upon himself and the earth.  If all admonitions from above do not find entrance into the hearts of the people, then these must be shaken up from the rest by other means.

People try to awaken their spirit in scientific work, they believe to be able to illuminate everything dark to them in this way, and yet they are far away from it.  For the Divinity and His work can never be fathomed by earthly wisdom, many areas are left to science to which research may apply, but the last question, it can not fathom .... and will remain unfathomable to it.  On the other hand, the acceptance of the Word of God with the heart, is the only gate through which man reaches the eternal truth and the Divine wisdom.  But without the Word of God, every entrance to knowledge is closed.

Man should consider that he can receive unlimitedly, that he can enrich his knowledge immeasurably and that he only needs deep faith and active love for this .... and that he in turn can only reach faith through the Word of God and that love is also rooted in living faith .... that therefore one is not conceivable without the other and the heart of man must open willingly to become knowledgeable ....

To hear the living Word of God is a proof of Divine love and mercy .... it is an act of grace of inconceivable magnitude, but people do not pay attention to the proof of grace and fall deeper and deeper into the judgment from which they should redeem themselves.

The Lord speaks to the people, and He will speak at any time .... Those who hear Him will be blessed, but woe to those who do not respect Him .... , who think they are too exalted to accept and heed the words of love.  They will truly have to go through great hardship so that they will also come to realize still on earth, because they do not know how to appreciate the value of life and will get into severe pain when they recognize their defective state of soul in the hereafter.  And therefore pay attention to the words that come to you from above and do not reject them ....


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