I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0772    on  10.02.1939

Correct thinking

God's guidance

Stars ....

Someone who always practises love will soon reach that degree of perfection which enables him to always recognise what is right and to remain entirely within My will. Behold, my child, your every thought seeks what is right and effectively always remains in contact with the benevolent spiritual world, for this takes hold of everything that desires Me. For this reason, straying onto wrong paths and misunderstanding Me need not be feared. The best guarantee is always the heart's longing for Me, I protect every child which directs its thoughts in willing love towards Me. I sharpen your mind, I guide your soul, I let the voice of your heart speak to you and if you pay heed to it you will do what is right at all times. And thus you merge your mental knowledge with the spirit of truth, for you recognise all proclamations by the fact that they will touch your heart benevolently. You cannot receive anything wrong once the will is exclusively focussed on the pure truth. I take you by your hand, and you can confidently entrust yourself to My guidance, I recognise your will .... and a heart which longs for Me will soon distinguish Me clearly .... And it is My spirit which seeks contact with Me, it is part of Me and therefore the spirit of truth. Let the infinite number of tiny stars in the sky testify to My power and glory .... And then ask yourself whether the Creator of such magnificence, Who maintains the orbit of all celestial bodies, would be not be able to guide a human child according to His will? .... And thus leave yourself confidently to My guidance and then watch which paths I let the children who love Me travel ....


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