I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0778    on  16.2.1939

Evidence of grace of an obvious kind

Bread of heaven ....

It is a busy endeavor for the souls who move away from the heavenly Father.  It is an unparalleled struggle to free these souls from the hands of the adversary, and again and again it remains a struggle with the powers of darkness.

It is therefore of infinite value if the forces on the other side find support on earth through willing cooperation, because in this time of unbelief, all available forces must offer themselves to the Lord of heaven and earth in order to put a stop to the great distress of the souls of the people.  At the present time, efforts to save souls, are doubly beneficial, for only love for one another can redeem man and bring him closer to his true destiny.

Without the grace of the Lord, all struggle on earth would be unsuccessful, and therefore He thinks of you people in an extraordinary way.  He wants to make the way easier for you, He wants to strengthen your faith and bring Himself so tangibly close to you that you recognize Him and devote yourselves full of joy to the work on your soul.  If you let your heart speak with the sole intention of surrendering to the Divine will, you will soon recognize how it begins to dawn in you, you will take the yoke upon you without grumbling and complaining, because it is the way to purification for you .... You will also never rebel against what the Father imposes on you, because His grace helps you to carry and to recognize the blessing of everything the Father sends.

And if now a proof of grace of obvious kind is offered to you, then only lift up your eyes gratefully to Him, Who affects Himself full of infinite Fatherly love to His children, and remain conscious of this love .... In order not to let you become weak, He gives you the bread of heaven and wants to make the heaviness of the earth easier for you to bear .... He wants you to refresh yourselves and get strength from His Word .... and if you accept this from His hand, you belong to the chosen ones, because you will now surely find the way to Him.  You will not be able to go wrong if the Father Himself guides you, and you will be relieved of all worries about your salvation if you only follow His Word.

The power of the Word is indescribable, take it into your hearts hungering and thirsting, for what the Father sends in love to His children, must make you infinitely happy ....


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