I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0786    on  24.2.1939

Way of the soul before the earthly existence

Theory of re-embodiment ....

Over unthinkable long times, the human soul has gone it's way before through thousands of embodiments of every kind.  This time has brought about a certain maturity, which now, in the last stage as a human being, should still lead to higher perfection.  The knowledge about it should be enough to apply the utmost power to reach the state of perfection, but exactly this knowledge is completely rejected by most people.

Unfortunately, there is often the erroneous opinion that a soul does not have to form itself first to what it is, but is inherent in the living being in always the same nature and that one can speak of a soul only with a human being if one wants to accept some existence after death at all.  The animal is denied any soul or spiritual substance .... and exactly this leads to completely wrong views, because the extremely compelling necessity of all living beings except the human being, is not recognized at all.

It is therefore of greatest importance to keep in mind the varied, indescribably often occurred transformation of the outer shell, in order to only then become aware of the whole responsibility as man in earthly life.  If only a single embodiment were intended for each being, then the conditions of this embodiment would have to be so extraordinarily severe, should they lead to the state of maturity necessary for eternal bliss, for the distance of such a spiritual being from the eternal Godhead is too immeasurably great to be substantially reduced in such a short time.

Therefore the Creator has intended this one must-state for all beings, in which - according to Divine will - every creature strives for a higher development without own responsibility.  To live through this preliminary stage of the human soul in all multiformity, is of such enormous importance that only from it, the whole responsibility arises which the human being carries for his soul, because this soul has struggled in the most unbelievable way and defied all resistances .... it has had to fulfill such infinite tasks and to submit itself in everything to the will of God, it has gone a way which was not easy .... but which was the only way to form the soul in such a way that it can pass the last great test of strength in the human being if the will to exist, becomes powerful in it.

Every human being is therefore as such a world in itself .... it is a work of creation which contains everything existing on earth and visible to the human eye in very finest reduction .... the human soul has gone through all these miracles of creation and has to exist now in it's last embodiment through an enormous struggle, for the millennia-long struggle up to the stage of the human being, not to have been in vain.

Man should remain fully aware of this responsibility and ask God for strength to fulfill the last task on earth and thus to bring salvation to the soul out of an infinitely long-lasting misery ....


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