I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0792    on  1.3.1939

Exhortation to love and peace

Carrying of the cross

Becoming one likeness ....

How much do you disregard My commandment, which teaches you love, if you who want to be Mine, do not make an effort to make the time of suffering on earth bearable for each other.  If you think of the short time on earth you spend together, then you are all only guests on earth and must therefore all live in peace with each other, if you do not want to make the days on earth unbearable by your own fault.

And now see, you My children, how I take care of every single one and do not ask how far he is worthy of My care.  So you will also have to accept everyone in love, if you want to stand justly in My eyes and make yourselves worthy of My graces.  So all your striving on earth should first be the activity in love .... And this love is to apply to everyone, whether worthy or unworthy, just as I take hold of you with My love, who do not yet step completely without any dross before My face.  I do not condemn you but come to meet you lovingly, I am ready for you at any time when you call Me.

And so I will also now reveal Myself to My child and listen to the silent plea of his heart .... I come to earth again and bear the burden of the cross once more, as it were, because I am ridiculed and mocked .... I am denied and dishonored by words. And only a few come to meet Me in love, for I have become a stranger to people, and so it is My intention to form hearts for Me that are ready to receive Me and who stand up for Me with the greatest willingness and devotion .... I want to be a constant guide for such willing children, I want to dwell in their hearts Myself so that they see Me and feel My closeness, and this shall give them true happiness during their existence on earth.

Who now serves Me and sacrifices his will to Me and does not slacken in this work for Me, he it is whom I love and to whom I give Myself to be known in shortest time, in a form which is only understandable to you afterwards, because you are to give and receive without your knowledge .... your love to the dear neighbor and receive My love and Me for it.  And you will well grasp the great grace and receive My love in greatest humility and deepest thanks, because I want to give extraordinary power to those who want to be active for Me and My name.  And therefore none of My children goes empty-handed, who only desires to receive Me personally.

The hour has not yet come, but I will come in the middle of the night .... I will come in broad daylight .... I will come in a form which is the fulfillment of your longing, and I will let My eyes rest mildly on you .... and you will not be able to bear My shining eye and therefore I must cover Myself with the cloak of an earthly cover and thus have to face you, and you will nevertheless feel a sweet happiness when you look at Me.

Therefore take note, My child, of My ever-ready love .... and I will express this love in such a way that you will recognize it .... that you will henceforth only be active for your Saviour and serve Him in constant love ....


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