I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0812    on  15.3.1939

Protection of the Savior


Living God-Connectedness ....

To know that one is protected by the Savior in hours of need, is the most beautiful consolation for all believers.  His love embraces His own, and the soul finds peace in the security of this love.  Whoever consciously enters His protection, will experience the miracle of Divine togetherness .... He will feel most clearly that he no longer walks his life's path alone, but that the Lord and Savior is his constant companion.

People are used to deny and reject such a miracle, because only their own will can bring them the proof; but a child of God, who has already found the way to the Father, will be able to feel the truth of these words in himself and stand in the middle of the miracle, laughed at and mocked by the fellow men, but unspeakably happy, not paying attention to them .... And the covenant with Eternal Love will deepen, and the earthly child will never want to escape from this covenant .... it will desire the Divine love in time and eternity, which is the fulfillment of his deepest longing.

To stand at the bridge to the hereafter is possible for everyone, and the way is always shown to them, but how seldom this grace is received, how little the possibility is used, and how much the way to the eternal home is thereby made more difficult for man.  With the greatest patience, the Lord tries to awaken the desire for spiritual food in man .... He gives him the opportunity in every way to establish a connection with the heavenly Father .... through suffering and worries, through spiritual exchange with more mature earthly people, through imparting spiritual messages .... through creative miracles of every kind.

Again and again man is touched by problems, for the solution of which he only needs to ask for God's help and precisely through prayer, the connection with Him is established.  But man believes to be able to solve all questions without Divine help and therefore often still stands completely aside from the right way and will also never find it on his own.  And the beings on the other side, who are willing to help, so seldom hear the call for help and yet want to grant it so gladly to all erring people who misjudge the right way.  They want to give, but nobody desires to receive; they want to assist, but people do not desire help; they want to teach, but people do not know hunger and thirst for spiritual refreshment and also have no need to increase their spiritual knowledge.

The living bond with their Creator would shape them into God-like beings, and yet they prefer a life on earth in alienation and separated from the Creator of this bond and do not pay attention to the exceeding blessing that comes to them from it.  The few earthly children however, to whom the Lord gives His Word - because they are willing and ready to receive out of love for Him - are constantly under His protection .... They are visibly protected from harm and do not need to fear the dangers of body and soul as long as they fully trust the Divine Savior.

For they have grasped the purpose of life and strive to fully meet the requirements .... they use their strength to serve the eternal Godhead, they want to assist their fellow human beings and likewise influence their thoughts favorably, they want to do what God requires of them and thus also energetically commit themselves to the Word of God, to the name of the Lord .... they want to overcome all resistance to free the soul from all worldly desire, and they finally want nothing more than to give love and receive love.  And so the living God-connectedness must first and foremost lead to spiritually maturing and shaping of the soul, as it is it's destiny from eternity .... to the image of God .... and to bridge the separation from the Father, to finally be united with Him for all eternity ....


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