I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0843    on  2.4.1939

Disobeying the commandments

Fulfilling the expressed will of God ....

You must not disregard the Lord's commandments.  You are in an incomparably endangered situation, which you cannot escape at will if you do not obey the Divine commandments, and if you believe but do not prove this faith by willingly following the Lord's instructions, this faith is of no use, for it is only outwardly accepted but not rooted in the heart.  So you think you are under the protection of the Lord, and this is also assured to you at any time, but if you waver in your faith, you will lose the Divine protection, because exactly deep faith guarantees it.  But whoever leaves the Lord by not remaining in faith, the Lord must also leave him, and he will have to go difficult ways until the Lord turns to him again.

Contact with the world is quite suitable to promote faithlessness.  Let people go through life alone, then they will find the way to the Father much sooner than in connection with the world, where one rather turns the other away from the right faith than tries to win him for it.  And so every step into the world is always a danger for the person standing in faith, if he has not found inner stability through intimate connection to the Divine Lord and Savior.

And what suffering is therefore still in store for these many who do not go into themselves and remain without realization of their task in life.  If suffering were not sent to such people, years and years would pass by fruitlessly, because in the peace and tranquility of daily life they could never come to knowledge, and the voice from above would go unheard.  Then people would need no help, no consolation and no instruction.  All care for the soul would be an incomprehensible concept to them and would only strengthen their will to reject, the earth would offer them enough of the beautiful and they would not need anything more.

But when the transitoriness of all that is pleasant to the earth is made quite clear to them, when their life becomes heavy and charmless only by suffering and sorrow, then people look for a substitute which disappoints them less, and they find this also with the right spiritual attitude, i.e., as soon as they turn their backs on everything earthly and concern themselves with the question of the spiritual life, with the survival after death.  And now the process of a complete transformation begins when man has approached this problem.  He will also always find the right answer if his will is to fulfill the Divine commandments, if he recognizes them .... if he wants to do everything that corresponds to the Divine will, if this will is revealed to him.

Therefore every revelation is valuable, and it must also be complied with, because all spiritual threads are knotted in such a way as they are useful to man on earth .... and if the earthly child does not fulfill the expressed will, it has no claim on the loving guidance of the Father, because it acts according to it's own discretion and must therefore also bear the consequences of it's way of acting.  In all spiritual distress, people are to be helped - because earthly distress is to be called small, if the state of the soul needs help.  The time of suffering of the earth passes, but the soul takes it's suffering, if it is not completed, with it into eternity.  Therefore, remember it in prayer, so that the Lord may strengthen it and give it the light of knowledge ....


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