I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0859    on  12.4.1939

Enlightenment and instruction from above

Time of suffering for unbelievers ....

It is a special privilege which the Lord bestows on the earthly children, that they are constantly found worthy of His Word and are constantly instructed in the teachings concerning eternity .... It is not the earthly life itself that is important, but how it is used for eternity .... That alone is worthy of attention.  But if people are given enlightenments from above, they remain unteachable, because they simply do not accept the Divine teachings as what they are .... And so, with irresponsible carelessness, earthly life is only used in an earthly sense, but eternity is hardly thought of.

Too much attention is paid to the earth and for this reason connections are established, which aim at exactly the opposite, as an intimate union of spiritually related souls .... Measures are taken which result in a strong upheaval in the spiritual field.  If all those who instinctively lean towards the teachings of a higher being would correctly recognize the danger mankind is heading for, soon all Divine wisdom would be desirable, and it would be accepted wherever it was offered to mankind.

But if now everything imaginable is undertaken to eradicate all faith among mankind, and it is pointed out again and again that only few can fathom the deepest knowledge intellectually, such a spiritual emptiness will soon be spread among the people .... and nothing will be able to alleviate the spiritual misery on earth, because the admissions, which are purest spiritual good, will be laughed at and scoffed at, they will not want to examine them first as completely improbable, but will immediately reject them with the reason that mankind has always gone the same way and there can be no question of a justification in the sense of tradition.

Now also in the coming time the time of suffering will begin for the unbelievers, so that in this time man will assert himself and take refuge in God as the sole Creator of heaven and earth, and, if the Word of God is then offered to him and he receives it, he can be controlled of the spiritual misery by the grace of the Lord.  In the same proportion as he wants to perfect himself, man will also be allowed to receive the word of love, comfort and Divine mercy, without which he would truly walk his earthly path in vain; he would always want to pursue only the peace and comfort of daily life and would by no means be able to grasp the sole meaning of human life or correspond to it in the least and thus would have lived life completely in vain.

But the infinite love and goodness of God has created the balance and has mercifully taken care of mankind by taking care of the revival of His earthly children, and again it is only up to the will of the individual to become a partaker of this great grace, because the Lord wants to help everyone .... But whoever still rejects help can no longer be helped, for it is not good to preach repentance to a hardened sinner, and if man does not want to accept the Word of God, then he is like the hardened sinner who prefers to remain in his guilt of sin rather than take the path of repentance, if he is lovingly made aware that this is the only path to eternal life ....


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