I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0864    on  15.4.1939

Work of creation

Solid matter


Plants ....

In the visible work of creation of God all power goes over, as it were, into matter and works there for the animation of everything that is destined by the Creator for higher development.  Therefore the creation has this very purpose only, that the beings sheltering in it, perfect themselves.  The more versatile the creation was formed by God's love and omnipotence, the greater is also the number of the beings embodied in it, and now also the explanation will be found for the countless variations of Divine miracles of creation ....

It will now be understandable that in such different forms of the Divine creation also the being has every possibility to develop in all directions, that a certain adaptability must be inherent to it, by virtue of which it can fulfill every task in every embodiment.  Thus the creations are as it were determined by the Divine Creator to make the most manifold demands on the beings striving for higher development.

In every being there is the urge to leave the present form as soon as possible, and therefore it goes after every task given to it with increased activity-drive.  The stay in every form is limited in time, but of greatly varied duration.  In solid matter, the beings are often banished for an unbelievably long time and have often to endure the most agonizing condition until their liberation, so that they expect their release with longing and then mostly stay in the atmosphere in an unbound state until the urge becomes stronger in them to go the way through the plant- and animal-world, which guarantees them liberation from all matter.

The desire to come near the earth expresses itself through weather precipitation of all kinds, and in this way the beings which have stayed in the atmosphere so far, come into direct contact with the ground and penetrate through it into grasses, plants and flowers, and thus the course through the plant-world begins, which again lasts for endless times, but shortens the stay in every form by innumerable transformations and thus the being, which has thereby also increased by a considerable amount in itself, passes over into a larger and larger form, in order to go through the same process of higher development after a certain maturity in the animal life.

This is of such serious importance, and only knowledge about it lets the Divine wisdom be properly recognized .... it is only possible for man, now he subjects his past life to this consideration, to measure the responsibility which he carries in earth-life, that this endless long way of his pre-shaping was not travelled completely uselessly, but what would nevertheless be the case, if man does not also fulfil the last task which is now set for him in earthly life.  To know that the whole time before would have been lived in vain by the spiritual entities which then have united to a whole - his soul .... have to fill man with a sense of responsibility that he offers all will and all strength to fulfill his task on earth likewise completely and to bring his soul to final liberation from matter ....


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