I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0867    on  16.4.1939

Redemption through love

Rebirth of the spirit

Overcoming death ....

Love for mankind moved the Son of Man to take suffering and the guilt of sin upon Himself .... Love for mankind is once again the motive for His extraordinary work on earth.  And love for one another should also make you His co-workers, because only through love can you redeem yourselves and your fellow human beings .... The will to help one another is truly already an act, for you thereby confess yourselves before the Lord as His servants, you carry out, as it were, what the Lord's will is .... To give love where it is needed .... The Lord will bless your efforts and will not abandon you if you are in need of help.

And so love alone is also salvation, because love is Divine, and if you work in love, you free yourselves from the power of the evil one, you have escaped it's power and found yourself with the Lord .... because if you love, you are one with Him .... He is with you in every work of love, for He is love Himself .... So make frequent use of His grace, which He has promised you .... Love, so that He may enter your hearts and His nearness may make you infinitely happy .... Help one another who still live on earth .... Give to the poor in spirit .... Do not let the hungry go hungry, where you can feed them with the bread of heaven .... Recognize in every event the Divine guidance .... Follow willingly if He guides you, and live always in love, which is the epitome of all existence.

You will be able to book the most beautiful success if love drives you to alleviate people's suffering .... because then you work with the Lord Himself .... you take part in the Lord's work of redemption, as it were, because you willingly take the suffering of your fellow human beings on your shoulders if you strive to reduce this suffering and are absorbed in love for one another.  Let this be your endeavor, that you seek to do good to one another, that you never think of your neighbor in unkindness if he must live in want and suffer, but that you give your own well-being, if you can thereby free your neighbor from misery.

The Lord's work of redemption was synonymous with the rebirth of the spirit .... Through the Divine work of redemption the spirit in man could be awakened to life, because this happens through love.  He Who overcame death through His great love, thus made love the awakener of all dead life .... He took the sting out of death .... He who lives in love can no longer fall prey to eternal death, and it is truly through love that man finds eternal life ....


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