I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0869    on  17.4.1939

Holy Scripture

Word of God in unveiled form ....

What the holy scripture teaches you is to be accepting without doubt, but it will not always be understandable to you, because in the power of the spirit, which is alive in you, you must seek the key to the right knowledge of the Divine Word.  He who grasps only the mere sense of the letter, will hardly penetrate - and if he does not implore the Divine grace and asks for brightness of the spirit, much will remain incomprehensible to him, because the Lord made His will known in a form adapted to the nature of man .... close the sense of those who let His word sound superficially to their ear .... but brightly understandable to those who receive His Word with the purest intention to serve God.  This is said to comfort you who are in doubt about the truthfulness of the old tradition.

You are standing at a spiritual turning point, you will have to give away what was your sanctuary, and yet you will not need to live in want, for He who knows your longing considers the time ahead.  He lets the same Word arise anew, He lets His voice sound again and opens the fountain of life anew .... and at it's source, everyone who desires the Word of God shall find refreshment .... And it will continue to be offered to you unveiled .... you will be able to grasp it with the mind and with the heart, it will be given to you as it were in a new form, what always and eternally was .... the Divine truth .... His Word, which endures for all eternity.  And you will recognize the Divine love from it, you will be able to draw strength in severe distress ....

And because the Lord remembers his own, he wants to refresh them already before the time, so that they strengthen their spirit and prepare it for the resistance .... For everything will come to pass as it is written .... not one stone will be left upon another .... everything that has been up to now, will be destroyed and shattered, and mankind will need extreme strength if it does not want to perish in the misery of the time.  Whoever is armed, i.e. stands in faith and love, has the Word of God in him, he hears the voice of the Lord and will obey Him, and so he does not need what is to be taken from him.  He will still remain strong and be a firm support for the Lord .... but the one who is still weak in spirit, needs strengthening - and for him, the Word of God is still needed .... If he is to lose it, he will fear that he lacks strength, and the Lord considers this time, and He will not let His children go hungry.

And if you now begin to suspect that God the Lord chooses this way, then remember His words: "Who has much, to him still will be given, but who has little, to him also the little will be taken away ...." Remember that His Word was disregarded and found reception in very few hearts .... and so He takes where He is not respected and gives where He is desired, and it will be the Divine Word of incalculable advantage .... the world will not be able to take offense at it, for He who gives it, quietly consider His own with this gift .... and you, who want to receive the sign of His infinite love, you will grow stronger in faith and recognize that He has blessed His Word with His power ....


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