I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0871    on  18.4.1939

Purpose and future of this work

Exhortation to the wrestling of the soul ....

It is your duty on earth to serve the Lord by devoting your strength to this work and accomplish your day's work without delay, because where you lack strength for earthly activity, a remedy will soon be found - only this work must not be interrupted or neglected, since it is important to create a comprehensive work in all perfection, which is to be preserved for posterity and serve to strengthen faith and to make the task of life understandable in all and every way.

This work has not only a temporary purpose, but the Word of God is to remain from now on, as the Lord Himself sends it from heaven to earth; it is to proclaim in all truth the great love of the Father in heaven .... but it is also to point out the dangers of daily life, which can well be able to rob mankind of all faith in the eternal Deity, and therefore must be fought against most eagerly.  Times will pass until this work is brought to it's true purpose, but during this time, many will still get strength and reinforcement from the Word of the Lord, which - through His grace and everlasting willing cooperation on your part - shall continue and bring unspeakable blessings to mankind.

But the sufferings of the coming time will not oppress you too much, if you have grasped the deep meaning of your earthly work.  And where an apparent decline occurs, it is only for the purpose of inner spiritual maturity, which you still have to struggle for, because without this struggle, your cooperation is beneficial in itself, but it is not the complete guarantee for spiritual maturity; in order to attain this, man must also live through the struggle of his soul, and it will cost him double trouble, because the slightest deviation from the right path is an obstacle in the work for the eternal Godhead, and the struggle of the soul is continuously a difficult and responsible one.

In full possession of his spiritual strength man has an exceedingly courageous heart ready to fight, but the danger of spiritual weakness is far greater than man believes .... As soon as he ceases to fight for spiritual supremacy, his will becomes weak, and the urge for earthly goods gains strength, and this has such an effect that everything spiritual touches man's mind only dimly, whereas before it held captive man's whole thinking and striving.

This is to be prevented with all diligence, the drive for spiritual work is to work undiminished in you and every hour is to be used in the same way as before.  For where the will to serve God outweighs everything else, you are assured of every kind of support and earthly life with it's demands will not need to frighten you, for this will come true of it's own accord if you willingly serve the Lord ....


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