I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0883    on  24.4.1939

Love revives

Love redeems ....

In the knowledge of the earthly task, man will always go the right way, because it will always be his effort to make use of all means at his disposal, which the Lord's grace gives him, and thus also to use earth-life correctly.  Now all striving upwards on earth only has the right value when love determines all activity and thinking, because only love animates, but without love, every action remains a dead beginning, i.e., it is dead for eternity, even if it earns temporal reward on earth.

Love must fill the heart and move the will to be active, then all activity on earth has the success of the progression of the soul's state of maturity, that only now the soul draws benefit from what the body does.  And since on earth it is only about shaping the soul, since this is the final purpose of the entire life on earth - to be able to leave the earthly flesh-body as completely as possible at death, the greatest attention must necessarily be paid to the earthly task ....

Man must be mindful of the fact that he himself has striven for his embodiment and has taken up earthly life with the firm intention to use it in such a way that all dross is separated from the soul and it can leave the earthly body in all purity and unite with the Divine Spirit. .... It must also not forget that without earthly life, a higher development is never possible and that it must therefore also willingly take upon itself all heaviness in order to put itself into that state which results in liberation from all matter.

Without hesitation it must devote itself to the eternal Godhead and thus bring the love in itself to the highest development .... it must love everything that has come forth from God, as the eternal Creator of heaven and earth, and must now work through this love for the benefit and best of the neighbor and for the glory of God .... The more intensively it strives for the union with the Divine Savior, the closer the Savior will be to this soul, and it can expect without any doubt that it will become a true child of God and that one day in eternity, also as a child of God, it will find infinite happiness through Him and that the Divine Fatherly favor will be granted to it forever .... because whoever loves and does all his works in this love, has a right to the glory of God and stands eternally in His grace ....


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