I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0949    on  5.6.1939

Necessity of natural disasters ....

Warriors of God ....

My dear child, the time has come when you are to work for Me on earth.  A tremendous event is approaching, and there is no possibility for the earthly man to escape this event or to leave it unnoticed.  Even the most obdurate and faithless person will be strongly shaken in his previous view, because he experiences unprecedented things .... And the cry of despair of the people who stand in the middle of this experience will reach all ears .... They will pray for salvation, but I cannot hear their prayer, yet thousands and thousands shall visibly recognize My rule and turn back to faith in Jesus Christ as the Redeemer of mankind.

And so I want that My loyal ones unite in all silence, that they stand in the midst of the apostate world like a wall and stand up for My name, in order to point to My exceedingly great love and mercy by means of the inevitable event .... I therefore also choose My fighters Myself, and I want them to stand by Me in all loyalty and devotion.  A completely new law will determine people to exclude Me from their sentient life .... What a foolish beginning ....

Where mankind wants to destroy My fighters or make them harmless, there I Myself stand and fill the gaps, and I consequently separate everything useless in such difficult times, I also leave none of My fighters without protection .... But how I come, that shall not be told you, but I come unexpectedly, and in every disguise .... He who has Me in him, will recognize Me - and to him I will also make Myself known.  And so I will also consider you with all strength and give you the following to think about:


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