I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0954    on  8.6.1939

"Watch and pray ...."

Watch and pray so that you do not fall into temptation .... You should always be mindful of these words, because you are in constant danger that the soul will be harmed by spiritual lukewarmness .... Always be alert to protect yourselves from sudden attacks of the adversary, he will always find you prepared for battle if you pray, and it will not be easy for him to attack you.  For all evil in the world comes from him .... He seeks to sow the evil seed in the hearts of people, he puts all desire into them, and where man is not attentive and forgets prayer, there the adversary finds good ground, i.e., attention will only too readily be paid to what irritates the senses of man .... and so such people will always succumb to temptations, because they lack the strength to defend themselves against the attacks of the enemy.

And yet such great assistance is available to you, you may only want it, and the Lord assures you of His help .... Watch and pray .... Recognize clearly how you can escape all temptations if you turn your heart to the Divine Savior and call upon Him for help.  Only do not rely on the help which is offered to you earthly, do not seek to find a substitute for the pure Divine teaching.  And pray there again, so that the Lord may bless you and your work on earth, but also consider how valuable it is to be awake in spiritual matters, and how therefore every day should be used for the increase of spiritual wealth .... consider that exactly the indifference of people has caused such an enormous misery .... and the adversary has a very easy game, where he is not seriously opposed.

And that is why his greatest endeavor is to put people into a state of fatigue .... and if now the will of man gives way, then very soon everything Divine in man will no longer be able to assert itself, and the end will be his complete apostasy from God and a constant decline in spiritual knowledge.  And so always follow our advice not to put yourself in such danger under any circumstances, when you have the best means in your hand to come closer to the Father in heaven, by only recommending yourself again and again in intimate prayer to the Father in heaven and gladly and joyfully submitting yourself to His will.  Then you will very soon become master of the danger that is lurking around you and through prayer you will also be fully strengthened in the fight against the power that is hostile to God.

Man can very well avoid all hostilities, if he only recognizes them rightly as such .... The more vigilantly you pay attention to all events around you, the sooner you will be able to avoid them, and the temptations will not approach you like this .... Therefore watch and pray .... And the Lord will reward your zeal and will not let you be harmed in body and soul ....


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